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2021-07-20 Ward 1 Newsletter


  • How Should Hamilton Grow to 2051 - Don't Miss the Survey
  • Ainslie Wood Visual Identity Survey
  • Portraits in HAAA Placemaking Project
  • H.A.A.A. Park Renewal Phase 2 Concept Design Comments Requested
  • Borrow Around the Bay
  • Grow A Row, Make an Impact!
  • Mountain Climber Program Aldershot GO Expansion 
  • A Message from Hydro One and Alectra Regarding Ward 1 Outages
  • Saturdays Un-LOCKED
  • Westdale Village Casual Outdoor Market
  • Westdale Village Live Music 
  • In Case You Missed It - The Transit Theme

How Should Hamilton Growth to 2051 Survey

As many of you are aware, the City of Hamilton mailed a survey to all addresses in Hamilton regarding the future of growth.  Canada Post began delivery of the survey the week of June 21, 2021.  If you have not replied by mail, or did not receive the survey or possibly thought it was junk mail and recycled it, you can still participate! In fact, everyone in your house may participate independently!  The survey is for all residents living in Hamilton. 

The Province of Ontario requires Hamilton to plan to accommodate 236,000 more people by 2051.  The city must decide whether housing growth should be planned for within the city’s existing communities or undeveloped land beyond our current urban boundary.

Yesterday (June 19), we discovered an error in Canada Post’s system of distribution.  As a result, some Westdale households did not receive a survey. (Westdale South - west of Churchill Park and north of Sterling Ave) 

The deadline for submitting the survey to the city’s Planning Department is Friday, July 23, 2021. There is no online option; however, you can submit your response to [email protected].  Each household member can submit a response.

The following format is suggested for your ease of use and clarity for staff.

Subject: Option #: “Scenario Name”

Please accept this as my response to the City of Hamilton’s survey entitled, “How Should Hamilton Grow to 2051?”

I support option # - “Scenario Name

Postal Code

Need more information?  

The Growth Related Integrated Strategy and Municipal Comprehensive Review project page GRIDS2/MCR   Original Flyer

Watch the July 24th discussion between the GRIDS2/MCR project managers and Ward 1 residents.

Watch the land planning event hosted by Councillors Wilson, Nann and Danko in February 2020 

Ainslie Wood Visual Identity Survey

Ainslie Wood residents have an exciting opportunity to enhance their neighbourhood visually, and the Ainslie Wood Community Association is asking its residents to participate in this project.

The purpose of these signs is to identify the Ainslie Wood area and portray one or two iconic themes that represent our community. 

Share in words how Ainslie Wood should be portrayed on the signs. To participate in the project, please take a few minutes to fill out the survey.

For more information, contact the AWCA at [email protected]

Portraits in HAAA Placemaking Project

 The first project to be awarded a grant in the Placemaking Grant Pilot Program is Portraits in HAAA by a group of residents led by Esther Bryce.

Approximately 40 portraits were installed along the periphery of the park. All photos were sourced from Esther’s Instagram photo collection completed over the course of 100 days as part of her 100 in One Day project, capturing different community members on the HAAA grounds.

The photos are expected to remain in place for at least the summer or until HAAA renewal construction begins.

H.A.A.A. Park Renewal Phase 2 Concept Design Comments Requested

Don't forget to leave your comments on the two proposed concept designs for the HAAA.

Do you prefer one overall design outright or are there elements from one design you would like to see incorporated into the other design?

Choose one, mix and match, or offer alternatives on the HAAA Engage Hamilton website

Need more information?

See the public meeting presentation from June 24, 2021.

Or view the presentation document only.


Borrow Around the Bay

Hamilton Public Library (HPL) and Burlington Public Library (BPL) cardholders double their borrowing power.

Library Members from each system can borrow books, DVDs/Blu-Ray, CDs, audiobooks, magazines, video games and more at the other system’s branches in this newly launched Borrow Around the Bay partnership.

Show your HPL card at any of BPL’s six branches -- or show your BPL card at any of HPL’s 23 branches ‑- sign up, and voila, you can now enjoy membership at both library systems.

This is in addition to Members who already enjoy access to digital eBooks and eAudiobooks at BPL through OverDrive. This service now includes access to e-collections at London, Mississauga and Ottawa libraries.


Grow A Row, Make an Impact!

Thirteen Hamilton gardeners are committed to ‘Grow A Row’ for their community this growing season. More are welcome to join the local environmental non-profit organization, Green Venture, to plant and share their extra fresh vegetables, fruit and herbs. Green Venture has been running the Grow a Row project since last August. Last season, nine Hamilton gardeners planted an extra row in their gardens, and as a result, donated over 300 pounds of fresh, local produce to the Neighbour to Neighbour Centre.  

Grow A Row harvest collection will begin on July 7, 2021, and every Wednesday after that, until the end of the season. Green Venture provides growers with seeds, seedlings and gardening support and coordinates harvest pick-ups and delivery of produce donations to local food support organizations. This year harvest donations will be delivered to Neighbour to Neighbour Centre or dropped off, washed and packed directly to Hamilton’s Community Fridge, located at Today’s Family Early Learning and Child Care Centre. 

Anyone with additional space to grow an extra row is encouraged to register at  and participate by dropping off produce at one of the collection sites.

Mountain Climber Program Aldershot GO Expansion 

As of Friday, June 25, 2021, cyclists can connect to the Aldershot GO Station free of charge by boarding the bus at Mountain Climber designated stops along HSR route 18 – Waterdown.

To participate, cyclists can board the bus at a designated Mountain Climber stop and secure their bicycle to the bike rack. Once onboard, the customer should inform the operator that they are accessing the bus as part of the program and will be getting off at the next Mountain Climber stop that meets their multi-modal trip needs.

The Mountain Climber program allows cyclists to take an HSR bus up or down the escarpment for free. The City of Hamilton permanently implemented the program in 2018, following a successful pilot the previous year. Since then, the program has expanded to include eight escarpment access roads.

A Message from Hydro One and Alectra Regarding Ward 1 Outages:

Over the last several months, there have been a series of unplanned outages in Ward 1. Outages can occur for several reasons, such as supply loss on the transmission system (which includes the transmission station) or faults on the distribution system (including Alectra’s feeders). As recently as February 2021, a supply loss at Newton TS resulted from an insulator failure on Hydro One’s system. In addition, Alectra has experienced failures on the distribution system, such as animal contacts, which unfortunately caused a substantial fault. We recognize the inconvenience these events cause our customers and are working hard to mitigate future reoccurrences on our distribution system.

Hydro One recently (May 2021) completed an $18M capital investment at Newton TS. This multi-year project provides two new power transformers and 265 new insulators. It also added additional fencing and animal deterrent equipment to reduce outages from animal contacts. With substantial Newton TS work completed, Alectra plans to invest an additional $5.5 million in Ward 1 to rebuild the main distribution feeders. This work will include installing automation equipment and updating the underground infrastructure servicing the customers in the area. With completing each phase of this multi-year investment in Ward 1, we expect that system reliability will improve. While we continue to invest and rebuild the system in the area, we will also be conscious of limiting the interruptions to the service in Ward 1.

- Hydro One and Alectra 


Saturdays Un-LOCKED - Eat, Shop and Play on Locke every Saturday from July 17 to September 11 | 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM

Saturdays on Locke Street South, the roadway is open to pedestrians and cyclists! Dine outside, shop outside, be outside and stroll the street from morning till evening.

Alternative parking arrangements are available in a parking lot off Poulette Street and two lots off Stanley Ave. See MAP  for details.

Presented by the Locke Street BIA


Westdale Village Casual Outdoor Market

Every Tuesday 4:00-7:00 PM | King Street W at Paisley Ave S

Westdale Live

Live music Tuesdays, 4:00-7:00 PM and weekends 4:00-8:00 PM | King Street W at Paisley Ave S

Presented by the Westdale Village BIA


In Case You Missed It - The Transit Theme


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The City of Hamilton is situated upon the traditional territories of the Erie, Neutral, Huron-Wendat, Haudenosaunee and Mississaugas. This land is covered by the Dish With One Spoon Wampum Belt Covenant, which was an agreement between the Haudenosaunee and Anishinaabek to share and care for the resources around the Great Lakes. We further acknowledge that this land is covered by the Between the Lakes Purchase, 1792, between the Crown and the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation. 

Today, the City of Hamilton is home to many Indigenous people from across Turtle Island (North America), and we recognise that we must do more to learn about the rich history of this land so that we can better understand our roles as residents, neighbours, partners and caretakers.