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  • *Note: When contacting the City Planner regarding a specific application, please include the appropriate UHOPA and ZAC numbers

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Ainslie Wood

17 Ewen Rd & 20 Rifle Range Rd  
2023 submission - UHOPA-23-008/ZAC-23-020
Description: To permit a site-specific policy within the Ainslie Wood Westdale Secondary Plan to permit a student residence with a maximum density of 838 units per gross hectare. 
Applicant: 17 Ewen (Hamilton) Corp
Applicant Agent: GSP Group
City Planner: Alaina Baldassarra 
Status: UHOPA-23-008/ZAC-23-020 - application received January 26, 2023 

History: OLT PL120575: 10-storey student residential building. UHOPA-07-016/ZAC-07-062/MDA-04-197/HM-A-05:122 (COA); LPAT PL120575: OPEN; OLT Contact: Azeem Patel, Case Coordinator, Planner, (437) 215-1047 or [email protected]    

925 Main St W & 150 Longwood Rd S 

Description: Proposes development of 2 towers, 16 & 18 storeys, linked via a 4 storey podium; mixed-use building with approximately 1,420 m2 of ground floor commercial, 514 student residence units for 1028 beds; approximately 156 parking spaces
Applicant: Plaza Imports Limited
Applicant Agent: Urban Solutions Planning & Land Development Consultants Inc
City Planner: Shannon McKie ([email protected])
LPAT: PL180816 
Status: Approved at LPAT (2020-10-21) As per October 21, 2020, LPAT decision, Columbia International College no longer has any affiliation with this proposed development.

1107 Main St W
Description: 15-storey mixed-use building with 536.2 square metres of commercial space at grade and a total of 310 dwelling units (303 apartment-style units and 7-grade related units), and 234 parking spaces (226 to be provided in a three-level underground parking structure and 8 at grade)
In8 Developments
Applicant Agent:
Bousfields Inc.
Architect: SRM Architects
Website: Old project page 
City Planner:
Daniel Barnett ([email protected])
Approved at Statutory planning meeting, May 31, 2022

1629-1655 Main St W
UHOPA-20-027/ZAC-20-042 / FC-19-127
Description: Student residence consisting of two 22-storey towers connected to a 15 storey tower above a three-storey podium with retail at grade. A total of 720 residential units are proposed together with 270 parking spaces located in the rear of the three-storey podium. Urban Hamilton Official Plan Amendment, Zoning By-law Amendment and Site Plan Control applications will be required to implement the proposal.
Applicant: 2480535 Ontario Inc. (Society Developments Inc.
Applicant Agent:
GSP Group 
City Planner: Mark Kelher ([email protected])
Status: Application in review and circulation for comments by departments and agencies. City Planner accepting comments and questions from residents as part of the development review.

69 Sanders Blvd & 1630 Main St W ("Sanders Garden Condo")
Description: Original application for a 9-storey mixed-use building having 472 m2 of commercial and 154 dwelling units and to permit 2 stacked townhouse buildings having a total 28 dwelling units.  NEW application forthcoming. 
Applicant: Sanders Garden Inc.
Applicant Agent: Urban Solutions Planning & Land Development Inc.
City Planner: Jennifer Allen ([email protected])
Status: 2024 - New formal consultation for a 12-storey building only. 
2021 -Previous UHOPA/ZAC appeal approved by OLT (OLT-21-001801), January 26, 2022 Decision. CMC - July 2, 2021 list of issues


330 Dundurn St S
This proposed development will include the construction of an 8-storey, 109 unit condominium building on a portion of this site. The existing 3-storey retirement residence will remain. The new building will have a building area of 1,175 m2 (15% of the site area), and a gross floor area of 8,603 m2.
Y Geler
Applicant Agent:
SRM Architects
City Planner:
Alaina Baldassarra ([email protected])
Site Plan application circulating for staff comments.   

235 Main St W - This property is in Kirkendall but falls under the Strathcona Secondary Plan. See listing details in the Strathcona section 

403 Main St W - This property is in Kirkendall but falls under the Strathcona Secondary Plan. See listing details in the Strathcona section 

415 Main St W - This property is in Kirkendall but falls under the Strathcona Secondary Plan. See listing details in the Strathcona section.  



6.6 StrathconaSecondary Plan B.6.6-1
Map B.6.6-1 Strathcona– Land Use Plan
Map B.6.6-2 Strathcona– Transportation Classification Plan
Appendix A Strathcona– Views and Vistas
Appendix B Strathcona– Cultural Heritage Resources

153 George St
: three-storey addition with a total GFA of 1,000.20 square metres to the existing residential care
facility to accommodate a total capacity of twenty-four (24) residents
Applicant: Options for Independent Living
Applicant Agent:
City Planner: Joseph Sanservino ([email protected])
Status: Site plan application under review

196 George St
To develop a 2.5-storey stacked townhouse building with 12 residential units and 12 parking spaces
Applicant: Pearl Apartment Ltd.
Applicant Agent:
 GSP Group Inc.
City Planner: Mark Kehler ([email protected])
Status: Approved on April 6, 2021, Planning Committee Meeting

354 King St W  (Note: file was split 1) Hotel 2) Multi-residential building

1) Hotel
Description:  addition of 2-storeys (12 storeys in total) for a hotel
Applicant: King West Crossing Ltd
Applicant Agent: GSP Group Inc.
Video:  Virtual Open House held May 14, 2020,
Status:  Approved
additional height to hotel  May 4, 2021 Planning Committee; Minutes; 


2) Multi-residential building
Addition of 19-storeys (25-storeys in total) for multi-residential dwelling 
Applicant: King West Crossing Ltd
Applicant Agent: GSP Group Inc.
Video:  Virtual Open House held May 14, 2020,
City Planner: Kathy Jazvac
OLT Case No: OLT-21-001128
Status: Approved by the OLT, August 22, 2022
Currently in site plan.

235 Main St W, 74 Queen St N & 244/246 Jackson St W
23-storey multiple-dwelling building situated at the northern portion of the site fronting Main and Queen Streets, and a 3-storey townhouse block-oriented toward Jackson Street West. A total of 331 units are proposed. 125 parking spaces are proposed in an underground parking garage. The townhouse building includes six (6) integrated parking garages accessed from the laneway to the rear of the units. In order to preserve the cultural heritage value of the building located at 74 Queen, the proposed development preserves and adaptively re-uses the east and south façades, along with returns on the north and west façades and the front porch and stairs.
Belmont Equity Partners
AgentGSP Group Inc.
Contact GSP for details via [email protected]
City Planner:
Mark Kehler ([email protected])
DRP: July 14, 2020, Summary & Video   
Status: Approved - Statutory public meeting October 6, 2020, Planning Committee meeting.
Staff Report PED20142; Appendix AAppendix B; Appendix C: Appendix D; Appendix E; Appendix F

403 Main St W & 404 Jackson St W
Description: new, 7-storey multiple dwelling building with a total of ninety-six (96) dwelling units with a mix of deeply affordable and market affordable rental units. The proposed development is proposed to be supported by nineteen (19) parking spaces within one level of underground parking to be accessed from Jackson Street West in addition to thirteen (13) short-term and fifty-five (55) long-term bicycle parking spaces.
Applicant: 3H Affordable Homes
 Agent: T. Johns Consulting Group Ltd.

City Planner:
Jennifer Allen ([email protected])
Status: Currently in site plan review

415 Main St W
DA-20-059; FC19-137
DRP March 12, 2020
Construct a 7-storey building with one level of underground parking for 114 residential units and 192 square metres of commercial GFA (gross floor area)
415 Main Inc.
Applicant Agent:
Weston Consulting Inc.

City Planner: 
OLT: PL210267 Appeal Closed
Previous variances APPROVED at March 18, 2021, COA meeting (Decision - pg 13). 2023 Construction Phase.

428 Main St W
COA HM/A-22:44 - To permit the building of a 10-storey (from a maximum building height of 22.0 metres to 32.0 metres) - 

DA-23-021 - To permit a 10-storey mixed-use building having 1904 SqM of amenity space and 186 dwelling units

Applicant: 428 Main Street West Joint Venture
Applicant Agent: 
Urban Solutions
City Staff: 
Status: COA HM/A-22:44 GRANTED 
Feb 2, 2023

200 Market St / 55 Queen St N / 125 Napier St
UHOPA-22-005 / ZAC-22-012
Mixed-use development that includes two 15-storey towers, two 27-storey towers, and a maximum of 762 dwelling units.
Applicant: Queen and Market Inc.
Applicant Agent: GSP Group Inc.
City Planner: Alaina Baldassaro [email protected]
Status: Appealed to the OLT for non-decisions OLT-24-000127

Online Public meetings

  1. Video from the March 16, 2022, meeting hosted by the local resident group. 
  2. Video from March 22, 2022. Hosted by the developer. 


6.2 Ainslie Wood Westdale Secondary Plan -  B.6.2-1
Map B.6.2-1 Ainslie Wood Westdale – Land Use Plan
Map B.6.2-2 Ainslie Wood Westdale – Cultural Heritage Landscapes

90 Carling St
SPA-20-003    ZAH-20-030
The purpose of this application is to lift the "H" Holding Provision as established under By-law No. 00-097, from lands known as 90 Carling Avenue, in order to permit the development of the subject lands for a seven (7) storey (21.0m high) multiple dwelling containing 100 units. A total of 57 parking spaces are being provided for the site, with 45 below grade, and 12 contained on a surface parking area. 
Previous LPAT Decisions related: PL10089 for 801-803 King St W and 80, 86 & 90 Carling St - 649626 Ontario Inc. variance
Applicant: 1649626 Ontario Inc.
Applicant Agent: 
City Planner:
Shannah Evans ([email protected])
SPA-20-003 Application received July 31, 2020

804-816 King St W
Description: To establish site-specific modifications to the Mixed-Use - Medium Density (C5, 570) Zone in order to permit a six-storey mixed-use building with 403.45 SqM of commercial space at grade, 30 residential units and 13 vehicle parking spaces
Applicant: Gateway Developments Group Inc.
Applicant AgentUrbanSolutions Planning & Land Development Consultants Inc.
City Planner: Mark Kehler ([email protected])
Status: Approved at the statutory public meeting on March 23, 2021 Staff Report; Appendices A, B, C, D, E, F (presentation) 

644 Main St W
Description: 18-storey multiple dwelling containing 167 dwelling units and 73 parking spaces, and to recognize the existing 17-storey multiple dwelling that contains 281 residential dwelling units and 299 parking spaces
Applicant: Main Carling Investment Ltd.

Applicant Agent: Urban Solutions Planning & Land Development Inc.
City Planner: Daniel Barnett ([email protected])
Status:  No application at this time

1190 Main St W, 43,47, 51 & 55 Forsyth Ave S, 75, 77, 81, 83, 99, 103, 107, 111 & 115 Traymore Ave & 50 Dalewood Ave ("McMaster Main St W Residence")
Description: Purpose-built student residence,  3 towers -15 storey (Forsyth side), 10 storeys, 8 Storeys (Dalewood side); 1373 beds,
Applicant: McMaster University/Knightstone
Applicant Agent: 
City Planner:  Alaina Baldassarra 
OLT Case No.: OLT-22-003030, PL180302-McMaster University Redevelopment;
Status: OLT decision  Azeem Patel, Case Coordinator, Planning Assistant, (437) 215-1047 or [email protected]

 West Hamilton Innovation District

270 Long Rd S (McMaster Innovation Park)
DA-22-052, FC-21-151
Two storeys, 9,454 square metre research and development facility
McMaster Innovation Park
Applicant Agent:
MIP, Contact Frances Grabowski
City Planner: 
Mark Kehler ([email protected])
Formal consultation held on March 2, 2022, Site Plan application under review.


McMaster Univerity

1280 Main St W ("Peak Shavers")
Proposal to install four (4) enclosed 2MW natural gas generators which are considered mechanical equipment and construct a one (1) storey pre-fabricated building (e-house) which functions as a control centre for the four (4) natural gas generators. Two (2) additional mechanical and unitary equipment (transformers) units will be installed to the westerly side of the proposed one (1) storey pre-fabricated building (e-house) forming a generator compound with a net area of 1,145 sq.m. An access driveway will be installed to access the generator compound and proposed one (1) storey pre-fabricated building (e-house).
McMaster University
Agent: Algal Engineering Ltd.
City Planner: 
Joseph Sanservino ([email protected])
Conditional approval

Other projects around the city as listed by Urbanicity

Past Developments Decisions

71, 75 & 77 Leland Ave
Description: 5-storey residential building with 124 condominium units (bachelor, 1 & 2 bedrooms), 50 vehicular parking spaces on grade including 4 visitor spaces, 1 barrier-free space, and 1 loading area
Applicant: Creek Village Inc.
Applicant Agent:
GSP Group Inc.
Website:  /     
City Planner: Mark Kehler ([email protected])
Status: Construction Completed 2020. Site plan conditionally approved (May 2018); Minor variance approval (Sep 2018); rezoned through OMB Decision (PL150378 – Nov 2016)

85 Poulette St
DA-16-122; ZAH-19-047; COA: HM/A-19:360; HM/A-18:88
Description: 3-storey 3 unit townhouse building and a 24 unit stacked townhouse building with associated parking area
Applicant: Dawn Victoria Homes
Applicant Agent
City Planner: Daniel Barnett ([email protected])
Status: Construction completed