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Waste Collection Interrupted on Monday, March 23, 2020

Waste Collection Update

At the time of this media release, the City is continuing to work through issues with our waste collections service. Residents who had waste collection scheduled for today but did not get their waste collected should put their waste out at the curb again tomorrow. We are continuing to review the provision of waste collections and will provide updates as we have them.

Leaf and Yard waste suspended beginning tomorrow
Beginning Tuesday, March 24, the City will suspend curbside pick up of leaf and yard waste until further notice. Residents are directed to either hold on to their leaf and yard waste or take it to one of the Community Recycling Centres.

Keeping Collectors Healthy
The City of Hamilton waste collection crews are still out on the streets, picking up green bins, blue boxes and garbage. While crews have their own health and safety procedures in place, residents are asked to help protect them on the job:

  • Place used tissues and napkins in the garbage, rather than the green bin.
  • Please use liner bags (either paper or certified compostable plastic) in the green bin.
  • Please ensure that all material placed in garbage bins is bagged, not kept loose.
  • Please follow the advice of Public Health and keep a physical social distance of at least two metres from waste collection staff.

These steps will help protect the health of crews who handle thousands of bins, bags and boxes each week.

Full media release:


Online Town Hall - City of Hamilton & COVID-19

If you are not a twitter person, feel free to email us your questions in advance and we will send them to the coordinator.


COVID-19 City of Hamilton Response 

COVID-19 City of Hamilton Response 

With cases of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) emerging locally, the City has initiated its Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) at a Level II activation.

The role of the EOC is to coordinate a response to any type of emergency. The EOC provides support and resources to the emergency and ensures continuity of City services.

The EOC is closely monitoring and responding to the rapidly evolving situation to ensure the City is providing the best support possible to the community as we work together to find our way through this challenging time.

Council has been kept informed by EOC staff throughout the last couple days on some crucial decisions for our residents. This an ever-changing situation with significant changes happening. To stay informed on these changes, please visit for more information or call Public Health Services' COVID-19 Hotline (905) 546-2424 ext. 7970 or email:

I am thankful for the City's public health, health care and first responders' teams as well as the city staff who have been working very long hours in their service to Hamilton's Emergency Operations Centre.  

The Ward 1 staff and I will be able to answer email and respond to voice mail. Do not hesitate to reach out with questions or concerns.

Let us care for one another and be particularly mindful of our most vulnerable neighbours who may not have the might or means to access the necessities.  Let us seek solace in places of light and take comfort in helping one another through this challenging time.

Maureen Wilson



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POSTPONED Chedoke Creek, Storm and Waste Water Management Session

Dear Ward 1 Friends and Neighbours

A public event we had planned for the evening of March 31st at McMaster Innovation Park detailing the sewage spillage in Chedoke Creek and the City’s stormwater management system has to be rescheduled to a future date.  With cases of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) emerging locally, I am following the advice of the City of Hamilton’s Chief Medical Officer of Health to limit non-essential events as part of our overall effort to prevent the spread of the virus.   Please visit for more information or call Public Health Services’ COVID-19 Hotline (905) 546-2424 ext. 7970 or email:

Let us care for one another and be particularly mindful of our most vulnerable neighbours who may not have the might or means to access the necessities.  Let us seek solace in places of light and take heed in the knowledge that we are all in this together.  I am thankful for the City’s public health, health care and first responders’ teams as well as the city staff who have been working very long hours in their service to Hamilton’s Emergency Operations Centre (EOC).  The EOC is the municipal control group responsible for coordinating and supporting the City’s emergency response.

With respect,

Maureen Wilson

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Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Resources

The World Health Organization (WHO) advises that the threat of a pandemic has become very real. Planning and preparing for locally confirmed cases and potential community spread of COVID-19 is underway.

Hamilton Public Health Services (PHS) is working with their health system partners and the Ministry of Health to ensure our city is prepared to respond to the situation as it evolves.

The goal of preparedness planning is to reduce the spread of the virus, protect those most at risk of becoming severely ill while waiting for potential treatment and vaccine options to be developed. Hamilton's Chief Medical Officer of Health has advised that the current risk of contracting COVID-19 in Hamilton, like the rest of Canada, remains low.

To date, one case of the virus has been confirmed in an individual who travelled outside the country. Other cases have been or are being investigated. PHS is following up with people who are in self-isolation, as well as providing infection control advice to organizations.

Hamilton's Chief Medical Officer of Health is encouraging residents to continue taking everyday precautions to prevent the spread of all respiratory illnesses. These precautions are outlined here:

If you have symptoms of COVID-19 as identified in the City of Hamilton's link below or if you think you may have come into contact with an infected individual you can call the Hamilton Infectious Diseases Program at 905-546-2424 ext.7970. Questions can be emailed to

Please continue to visit the Ontario government website for the most up-to-date information related to COVID-19 at 

Hamilton Public Health Services COVID-19 Update and Preparation


Kirkendall Neighbourhood Strategy Conversation: Get Involved!

Join the conversation Saturday, February 29th 2020 - for more details see:


Do the Math: LRT vs Tax (video)

What does math have to do with how and where cities develop?

What does this have to do with the city's budget and your property taxes?


On February 11, 2020, Councillors Wilson, Nann and Danko hosted renowned urban planner Joe Minicozzi

About the speaker Joseph Minicozzi, AICP is the principal of Urban3. Joe is an urban planner imagining new ways to think about and visualize land use, urban design and economics. Joe founded Urban3 to explain and visualize market dynamics created by tax and land use policies. Urban3's work establishes new conversations across multiple professional sectors, policymakers, and the public to creatively address the challenges of urbanization. Urban3's extensive studies have ranged geographically from over 30 states, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.


Road work in Westdale north of Sterling St scheduled for Spring 2020


Anne Jones Way

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Why electric buses are no substitute for Light Rail Transit

As part of Hamilton City Council’s deliberation of the city’s 2020 operating budget, Council spent “Transit Day” discussing Hamilton’s HSR operations.  At the same time, the Government of Ontario announced who would be sitting on the panel tasked with determining the future of LRT in Hamilton. 

These two events are of enormous importance to Hamilton’s future budgets, public transit system and levels of property tax that will be paid by existing and future Hamiltonians. 

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