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Do the Math: LRT vs TAX

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Kirkendall North Friendly Streets for Vision Zero Survey


Climate Crisis & Municipal Leadership Video


Joint statement on Chedoke Creek, motion to Council & previous MECP Freedom of Information Request


Alectra Outages 2019

Summary from Alectra regarding outages impacting Kirkendall

Alectra investigated the causes of the September 13, October 1 and November 1 outages that affected the Dundurn and Caroline Street; Longwood Road and Locke Street; and the King Street West and Aberdeen Avenue areas.

Most recent outages triggered by the following:

  • The September 13 outage affecting the Dundurn to Caroline street area was a result of equipment failure in our underground system supplying the area.
  • The outage on October 1 affecting King Street West to Aberdeen Avenue from Haddon Avenue South to Queen Street South. was a result of equipment failure from Hydro One owned equipment at a substation feeding Alectra’s grid. As of November 8, the repairs have been made.
  • The overnight November 1 outage was due to severe weather. The wind storm-affected multiple municipalities in our service territory primarily from damaging winds. Alectra crews worked throughout the night and the power was restored in the morning.

Alectra will be implementing vegetation management on certain areas adjacent to our overhead system in Ward 1 in order to minimize future tree contacts as well as installing additional animal guards. The equipment repairs that were made on November 8 will also increase the reliability in the area going forward.

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Climate Emergency & Municipal Leadership Event

How must cities lead against climate crisis?

What are the responsibilities of municipal leadership during a climate emergency?

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More Trees Please Now!


2020 York Blvd Construction

Presentation on Proposed Changes to York Blvd in the Spring of 2020 - PowerPoint  

(Oct 5 & 7, 2019)

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Provincial Planning Statement - Land Use - City of Hamilton Response

Land Use Policy Statement - Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Housing 

The Provincial Policy Statement (PPS) is a consolidated statement of the government’s policies on land use planning. It applies province-wide and provides provincial policy direction on key land use planning issues that affect communities.

City of Hamilton's Response to Provincial Policy Statement Review (PED19188) - October 1, 2019


Churchill Park Update (October 2019)

Video Overview

The project manager for the Churchill Park Phase 1 redevelopment gave the Ward 1 Office a tour of the improvements the City of Hamilton has made to the site.  We apologise for the audio quality, while it was a beautiful day to be in the park, the wind was high

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