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My vote against ending the Encampment Response Protocol


Encampments are outside spaces where residents are living temporarily in tents or other makeshift arrangements. I have written about encampments in a previous letter to Ward 1 residents. 

The purpose of this Ward 1 letter is to account for my vote at the August 9, 2021, special meeting of Hamilton City Council, which concluded with the City's cancellation of the Encampment Response Protocol.  

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E-Scooters Coming to Hamilton

The City of Hamilton will launch an electric scooter rental program next spring. The project will run for 24 months as a pilot to allow the City to assess operations and safety features. The City will partner with the private sector, and all capital and operating costs will be the responsibility of the selected commercial operators.  

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COVID-19 Cases, Scenario Comparisons for Hamilton

Earlier this month, Hamilton’s Board of Health received an update on the city’s COVID-19 case count along with a forecast for COVID-19 conditions to December 2021.  As reported in the news, there has been an increase in COVID-19 cases in Hamilton.  In addition, the number of Hamiltonians who are fully vaccinated is below the provincial average.  The re-opening of Hamilton and Ontario will result in increases in contact transmission. This situation, combined with a highly contagious Delta variant currently active in 95% of Hamilton COVID-19 cases, poses significant risks to the unvaccinated, including children under age 12, for whom there is no vaccination available, and the under-vaccinated.  Individuals with only single-dose are under-vaccinated. 

Any 4th wave will primarily be among those not vaccinated, including children under 12 years old and those under-vaccinated. 

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Hamilton's Rental Housing Licensing Pilot By-Law

Wards 1 and 8 Councillors call for the pilot to proceed

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2021-07-20 Ward 1 Newsletter


  • How Should Hamilton Grow to 2051 - Don't Miss the Survey
  • Ainslie Wood Visual Identity Survey
  • Portraits in HAAA Placemaking Project
  • H.A.A.A. Park Renewal Phase 2 Concept Design Comments Requested
  • Borrow Around the Bay
  • Grow A Row, Make an Impact!
  • Mountain Climber Program Aldershot GO Expansion 
  • A Message from Hydro One and Alectra Regarding Ward 1 Outages
  • Saturdays Un-LOCKED
  • Westdale Village Casual Outdoor Market
  • Westdale Village Live Music 
  • In Case You Missed It - The Transit Theme
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It's Time to Take Yes for an Answer

Fear of the unknown is a useful evolutionary tactic to avoid getting eaten. But it needs to be tempered with reason, experience and imagination, or else we remain stuck in place and miss opportunities to thrive.

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2021-06-22 Ward 1 Newsletter


  • Hamilton Urban Boundary Survey - Ward 1 Online Discussion
  • Hamilton Truck Route Master Plan - Online Presentation
  • Alexander Park Future Improvements 
  • H.A.A.A. Park Renewal Initial Concepts 
  • Hydrant Flushing
  • Monarch Awards
  • Pollinator Week
  • HARRC Executive Director Search
  • City's Investment in Housing
  • Kirkendall Food Drive
  • Youth-Led Food Drive
  • Provincial Rabies Control in Ward 1
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2021-06-01 Ward 1 Newsletter


  • Every Child Matters
  • Ward 1 - Online Information Sessions with Q7A
    • Alexander Park Future Improvements - Initial Consultation Kick-Off
    • H.A.A.A. Renewal Plan -Phase 2 Public Consultation 
    • Hamilton's Future Growth Survey
  • Hamilton’s Monarch Awards - deadline June 20, 2021
  • Royal Botanical Gardens Gypsy Moth Management ends June 1st
  • City of Hamilton Gypsy Moth Management
  • Garlic Mustard - Invading Species
  • Ontario Community Changemakers Grant
  • Other Events:
    • City of Hamilton Arts Awards Live June 12, 2021
    • HamOnt Cycling Research Forum; June 17, 2021
    • The KNA Fill a Van Feed a Family Food Drive is Back! July 10, 2021


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2021-05-18 Ward 1 Newsletter


  • Hamilton COVID-19 Update: 18+ Vaccination Appointments Now Open
  • What is Happening in Cootes Paradise? Maureen's letter to the Spectator
  • Ward 1 Online Public Information Events
    • Pearl-Kent Bike Boulevard Pilot Program
    • Alexander Park Future Improvements
    • Hold the Date for the H.A.A.A. 2nd Public Information Session
  • Victoria Park Play Structure Update
  • Beulah Park Play Structure update
  • Community Pantry in Ward 1
  • Community Magic at the Westdale
  • Infrastructure Announcement
  • Hamilton Reads
  • Senior of the Year Awards
  • Virtual Seniors Event
  • Virtual Seniors Centre - St Matthew's House
  • Hamilton Monarch Awards
  • Growing Canada's Forests Program
  • Service Line Warranties of Canada Information

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Upgrade to Newton Transformer Station

News from Alectra

Important work happening at the Newton Transformer Station May 7-9, 2021.

Crews from Hydro One and Alectra will be replacing and upgrading equipment at this transfer station. Although customers will experience a momentary outage, Alectra's system control department has worked with its reliability team to put a plan in place to minimize disruptions and ensure that all businesses and residences remain connected.  Should an outage occur, customers will be restored; it may take a little bit longer than usual, however. The timing of this work is also quite deliberate – demand for electricity is lower in May after customers have turned off their heat but prior to the extensive use of air conditioning.

This multi-million dollar investment will create a more stable and reliable supply of power to customers in the west end. Customers will also be able to expect more rapid restoration after an outage occurs.

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