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FAQ - Where Can I Go? (2020-04-26)

Dear Friends & Neighbours.

I hope this note finds you safe and well. I have received numerous emails asking for clarity on where we can legally walk and play. COVID-19 is causing all levels of government to issue new information and directives on a daily basis. I realize it can be overwhelming. The situation is serious. Now is the time where we all must listen to our public health officials and follow their advice. Lives depend on it.

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2019 Remuneration & Expenses

2019 Remuneration and Expenses released at today's council meeting.

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Q&A with Hamilton's Director Licensing & By-law


2020-04-20 Ward 1 Newsletter

This edition of the Ward 1 newsletter includes:
  • COVID-19 testing criteria have changed
  • Temporary bi-weekly leaf and yard waste collection beginning April 27 for Ward 1
  • City of Hamilton COVID-19 City Updates and Resources
  • Business supports- New survey for businesses
  • Virtual Council meetings
  • Locke Street reconstruction update - Minor work
  • Annual Rain barrel sale (online only)
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Locke Street Reconstruction Update 14

  • paint the AODA corners
  • removing and replacing the concrete around the hydrant at Jackson St W
  • installing the ramp for the Cyclist to gain access to the bike share at Charlton and Locke.

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2020-04-13 Ward 1 Newsletter

This edition of the Ward 1 newsletter includes:
  • Virtual Council meeting
  • Property tax assistance program
  • Physical distancing by-law
  • City of Hamilton COVID-19 Enforcement FAQ
  • FAQ - Where Can I Go?
  • City’s Coronavirus information resources
  • City’s media update
  • Virtual Weekly Town Halls
  • Business Supports
  • Kirkendall Food Drive 
  • St Matthew's House Seniors First Response Team
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2020-04-06 Ward 1 Newsletter

  • Access to green space during COVID-19 emergency
  • City of Hamilton COVID-19 Resources
  • Weekly Virtual Townhalls
  • Kirkendall & Strathcona - Development
    • 235 Main Street West
    • 354 King Street West 
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City of Hamilton COVID-19 Enforcement FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

From the City's Emergency Operations Centre

(Last Updated April 6, 2020)


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2020-03-20 Ward 1 Newsletter

  • Caremongering - community support network
  • City of Hamilton Coronavirus information 
  • City of Hamilton COVID-19 media updates
  • Weekly Virtual Town Hall
  • City Initiatives - Economic recovery
  • Business continuity & recovery information
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City of Hamilton COVID-19 resources

The vast majority of Hamiltonians have come together by staying apart. The practice of self-isolation and physical distancing of 2 metres (6 feet) makes a difference. Thank you for heeding the advice of Public Health.  Please continue to follow the advised protocols.   

We have watched as communities have worked collaboratively to assist those who are not in a position to stock up on resources or access basic needs because of additional challenges. Neighbours are reaching out to neighbours through phone calls and social media, and wider communities who have mobilised overnight to serve vulnerable populations. 

Caremongering Hamilton is an example of that quick mobilisation. It is a grassroots group lead by the Disability Justice Network of Ontario and Hamilton Student Mobilization Network. The goal is to help those with economic, social, health and mobility challenges as measures to stop the spread of the coronavirus.  The group operates through Facebook and welcomes those in need and those who can volunteer or financially support the work. See the about section on their Facebook account or read them in The Spec, CBC Hamilton and the Washington Post.

To those essential workers in healthcare, grocery, waste collection, logistics, and so many others - thank you seems too small a word for the depth of gratitude we all feel towards each of you, none-the-less, THANK YOU!

Wishing you all health and safety.

Below you will find links to information provided by the City of Hamilton's public services. The City's website is the best source of Public Health and up-to-date information for residents. 

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