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2023-04-28 Ward 1 Newsletter

  • Hamilton's New Climate Changes Initiatives Office: Purpose & Priorities [Online]
  • Celebration for Churchill Park Public Art Project, be:longings
  • Main & Whitney (HD17A) Water Pumping Station Environmental Assessment, PIC 2
  • Alexander Park & HAAA Clubhouse Renewal Projects
  • Underground Sewer Chamber Work (Sterling St and Glen Rd)
  • Hamilton Truck Routes Are Changing
  • Strategic Transportation Network Review and Water, Wastewater and Stormwater Master Plans
  • Free Tree and Compost Giveaways
  • Events

Hamilton's New Climate Changes Initiatives Office: Purpose & Priorities [Online]

Spend the evening with the new Office of Climate Change Initiatives Director, Lynda Lukasik and Senior Project Manager, Trevor Imhoff.

Lynda and Trevor will share the purpose of the office and its priorities for 2023, as well as take questions from the participants. 2023 Priorities include: climate change governance and innovations, community climate outreach, carbon budgeting, and green buildings.

Date: May 11, 2023 Time: 7:30 PM

Register here

Celebration for Churchill Park Public Art Project, be:longings

New public artwork by Gary Barwin, Simon Frank, and Tor Lukasik-Foss is comprised of a series of ten bronze-cast suitcases situated in different locations along the length of the new Churchill Park pathway. This series of sculptures speak to the universal theme of Human Rights and the legacy of renowned humanitarian Raoul Wallenberg, who saved over 100,000 Jews from the Holocaust. The suitcases refer to concepts of travel, escape, refugees, emigration, the writing, language and administration of laws and rights. be:longings shares an accessible message that invites participation as viewers consider what human rights are and how—despite the trials of history and the vicissitudes of oppression—humanity and its ideals are ultimately hopeful, inextinguishable, and irrepressible.

A celebration of the installation, featuring remarks and performances, will take place on Tuesday, May 23, at 5:30 PM in the western section of Churchill Park near Dalewood Cres and Oaknoll Dr

Questions? Contact: Brianne Gascho (905) 546-2424 ext. 6932 or [email protected]

Main & Whitney (HD17A) Water Pumping Station Environmental Assessment, PIC 2

The City of Hamilton has initiated a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) study following the Schedule B process to develop and assess alternative solutions for a new Water Pumping Station (WPS) to replace the existing Main & Whitney (HD17A) WPS currently located at Main Street West & Whitney Avenue.

This study will define the problems/opportunities associated with the existing HD17A WPS, assess alternative solutions, and determine the preferred location for a new WPS. A conceptual design will be completed identifying the main design aspects of the preferred alternative. Once the new pumping station is commissioned, the existing HD17A WPS will be decommissioned.

The City of Hamilton encourages the public and stakeholders to participate in this planning process. Public input and comments are encouraged throughout the Class EA process and can be directed to the project team below. The City invites you to participate in PIC No. 2. This event will be hosted virtually on the City’s webpage at: to protect the health and safety of Hamilton residents and our staff. PIC No. 2 materials will be available virtually from April 28, 2023, until May 19, 2023. Please submit your completed Comment Sheet by email or mail to the project team listed below by May 19, 2023 

HSR’s (re)Designed Network

A revamped and overhauled transit strategy was released on Monday, which includes longer HSR service hours, faster trips with fewer stops, and future LRT and GO Transit integration that would encourage seamless travel.

“The purpose of (Re)envision was to redesign the City of Hamilton’s transit network from the ground up to ensure that the network meets the needs of the Hamilton of today and tomorrow, and to have a ‘rail ready’ network structured around the Hamilton LRT,” states the report.

A  well-functioning transit network benefits all Hamiltonians. Encouraging more people to choose transit helps reduce congestion and car emissions while efficiently moving people.

Resident feedback helped shape the design of the proposed network. As part of (Re)envision the HSR, the team interacted with over 13,000 survey respondents, community members and stakeholders.

The report, prepared with the help of McMaster University, provided an overview of (Re)envision HSR: (re)Designed Network.

To take the next step forward, learn more by visiting and hold the date of June 8 for an online presentation and Q&A with the HSR director—more details to come.

Hold the date: In June, Ward 1 will hold an online discussion and Q&A with HSR staff. Look for the details in the next newsletter.

Alexander Park & HAAA Clubhouse Renewal Projects

The Alexander Park and HAAA Park Clubhouse Renewal projects aim is to provide an accessible, multi-purpose space for community use and programming opportunities. The existing building within each park will be renewed and updated to serve the community's needs better.

Thank you to all residents who participated in the two surveys!

Alexander Park Community Hub


Following community consultation in early 2022, a hybrid design was confirmed. The includes the covered patio from Option 1 and maintains sight lines from the playground for both entries to the publicly accessible washrooms, which was present in Option 2.

Detailed design work has commenced on the project, and it is currently proceeding on schedule, with initial work starting in mid to late Fall. 

Thank you to all residents that participated in the survey!

HAAA Field House Interior Concept Design

Construction on the HAAA clubhouse will move forward with the larger HAAA Park Renewal project scheduled for 2024-25.

Underground Sewer Chamber Work (Sterling St and Glen Rd)

This month, the City of Hamilton began a series of underground sewer chamber upgrades in Westdale. The purpose of the work is to help monitor, control and capture more combined sewer overflows in real-time to reduce the overall number of combined sewer overflow events that occur in Cootes Paradise and Red Hill Creek.

As part of phase two for the ongoing Real-Time Control project, the City of Hamilton is adding weirs and sensors to two sewer chambers in the Westdale community so that during rainfall events, combined sewer flow is directed away from overflow outfalls near sensitive areas such as Cootes Paradise and Red Hill Creek, and instead, is diverted to the City’s main wastewater collection system.

The City anticipates that once modifications to the two sewer chambers in Westdale are complete, overflows to Cootes Paradise are expected to reduce from an annual average of 12 to zero at the Glen Road location and from 12 to two at the Sterling location. This represents an annual average of 7,061,000 litres of combined sewage being diverted to the City’s main wastewater collection system. These reductions in overflows at the two sewer chambers will contribute to water quality improvements in Cootes Paradise.

Additionally, modifications to the sewer controls near Red Hill Creek are expected to reduce overflow events from an annual average of 10 to zero. This represents an annual average of 70,744,000 litres of combined sewage being diverted to the City’s main wastewater collection system. The reductions in overflows at the combined sewage tank and superpipe will contribute to water quality improvements in Red Hill Creek.

In order to accommodate the construction of these upgrades, road closures with posted detours will take place beginning on Thursday, April 27, 2023, at the following locations:

Sterling Street will be closed between Forsyth Avenue and Whitton Avenue

  • During the closure, motorists should detour around the work zone using King Street and Forsyth Avenue.
  • Pedestrian traffic will be maintained using the south sidewalk.
  • Cyclists wishing to travel along Sterling Street can do so but are asked to dismount and walk their bikes on the south sidewalk when crossing through the work zone.
  • HSR Routes 1A, 5A/C and 51 that usually travel along Sterling Street will detour in both directions using King Street. Temporary bus stop signage will be installed along King Street. Access to McMaster University using these HSR routes will be maintained. Details will be available at:

Glen Road will be closed between Macklin Street and Tope Crescent

  • Access to Glen Road on either side of the work zone will be maintained.
  • During the closure, motorists and cyclists looking to access properties east of 55 Glen Road should detour around the work zone using Macklin Street to Carling Street.
  • Pedestrian traffic will be maintained via a temporary sidewalk.
  • HSR will not be impacted by this closure.

The full closure on Sterling Street will remain in effect for approximately four months, wrapping up by mid-August 2023, weather permitting. The full closure on Glen Road will remain in effect for approximately five months, wrapping up in October 2023, weather permitting. Following the full road closure timeframes, intermittent periods of lane restrictions will take place while the final steps in the project are completed extending into 2024.

Given the significance of this work, a dedicated webpage has been created for this project.

Hamilton Truck Routes Are Changing

Coming in spring 2023, the City of Hamilton will start installing new and modified truck route signage throughout Hamilton to implement the recommendations of the 2022 Truck Route Master Plan. To view truck route changes and more, visit the Truck Route Network site

The truck route network is enforced through Hamilton Traffic By-law 01-215, which was recently amended to reflect the Truck Route Master Plan recommendations. Key changes include:

  • The restriction of trucks over 4 axles from travelling within areas of the downtown and other parts of the lower City, including Main Street East, King Street East, Claremont Access, Concession Street and sections of Bay Street, Victoria Avenue North, Wellington Street North, Queenston Road, Parkdale Avenue North and more.
  • Removal of selected streets from the truck route network. 
  • Modifications to specific time of day restrictions including along Bay Street North, Stuart Street and Queen Street North, which have been revised from full-time access to day-time access only.

Strategic Transportation Network Review and Water, Wastewater and Stormwater Master Plans

The City of Hamilton is undertaking two strategic studies (Transportation Planning and Hamilton Water) to determine infrastructure needs to support growth to 2041 and is seeking citizen input. Please follow the links below to have your say:

Water, Wastewater & Stormwater Master Plan 

The City of Hamilton has initiated a strategic and comprehensive growth planning and infrastructure master planning study to provide a basis for decision-making to shape the City’s future growth. The study will determine the short and long-term water, wastewater and stormwater infrastructure needs to support growth to the year 2041 with consideration for 2041 to 2051 growth in the urban boundary expansion areas. The integrated Master Plans will:

  • Provide a strategic vision for the 2041 and 2051 planning horizons to accommodate future growth and ensure safe, clean drinking water and environmental protection.
  • Ensure safe, sustainable and optimized water and wastewater services
  • Provide a business case for the need, timing and cost of water, wastewater and stormwater infrastructure in an integrated process

For inquiries about the Water Wastewater and Stormwater Master Plan, please get in touch with Bhajan Sarker at (905) 546-2424 ext. 5109 or by email at [email protected].

Strategic Transportation Network Review

The City of Hamilton is undertaking a Strategic Transportation Network Review to support growth to the year 2041 with consideration for 2041 to 2051 growth in the urban boundary expansion areas. This review will identify supporting transportation infrastructure requirements and provide inputs to the 2023 Development Charges By-Law update. The transportation inputs will update the road, transit, and active transportation networks developed as part of the 2018 Transportation Master Plan (TMP) and also include potential projects to support growth in new urban boundary expansion areas. The Strategic Transportation Network Review will:

  • Align with the 2018 TMP vision and desired outcomes
  • Include other supporting transportation infrastructure, such as maintenance facilities
  • Include the anticipated timing of each project
  • Include updated costs of each project

For inquiries about the Strategic Transportation Network Review, please contact Omar Shams at (905) 546-2424 ext. 7474 or by email at [email protected].

There will be a virtual Public Information Centre (PIC) for both projects on May 9, 2023, from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. You can register at this link.

Free Tree and Compost Giveaways

The City of Hamilton is giving away free trees and compost to Hamilton Residents. Plant a native tree to improve air quality, fight climate change and increase property value. 2-gallon shade and ornamental native trees will be available. While at it, pick up some free compost for your lawn, garden and plants. Bring your pails, shovel, and elbow grease!


  • Kirkendall Neighbourhood Association Annual Food Drive,  Saturday, May 6, 2023.

    The annual "Fill a Bus, Feed a Family" Food Drive is back for its 15th year! As always, we need lots of volunteers, both before the Food Drive and on Food Drive day, and the KNA hopes you'll consider helping out. Volunteers are needed leading up to the Food Drive and on the day of. Click here to learn more about the available volunteer opportunities and sign up.

  • Green Venture Fundraising Seedling Sale, Saturday, May 6, 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Location: 22 Veevers Dr, Hamilton

    Visitors can shop for seedlings, walk through several naturalized garden areas and diverse habitats, including a xeriscape garden, rain gardens, pollinator plantings and mason bee houses, bat boxes, a Miyawaki forest pilot plot, several large native trees, including historic black walnut, unique plant species such as bladdernut, pawpaws, new jersey tea, and spring ephemerals. Shop a wide assortment of organic seedlings while taking in the rich history of EcoHouse and all it has to offer. Connect with local organizations about how you can greatly impact your garden. RSVP to the annual seedling sale here, Walk-Ins Welcome add to your calendar here

  • Jane's Walk Hamilton, Saturday, May 6, various times and locations
    Jane’s Walk is an annual festival of free, citizen-led walking conversations inspired by Jane Jacobs. Check out this year's walk details.

  • Doors Open Hamilton, May 6 & 7; 10:00 aM to 4:00 PM; various locations

    The Hamilton Region Branch of the Architectural Conservancy Ontario is pleased to present Doors Open Hamilton 2023. 38 In-person Doors Open sites. Some of Hamilton's food-oriented businesses will be highlighted in walking tours of Dundas and along King William Street and James Street North in Hamilton. 

  • Mother Goose Cooperative Preschool Spring Garden Market and Fun Fair, Saturday, May 13, 260 Locke St S

Cotton Candy, live music, face painting, expert gardening advice, and more! Pre-order organic fruits, veggies, herbs and flowers, hanging baskets, Mother's Day bouquets, kids' crafts, and edible treats at this link.

Give your garden a bag or 2 of the good stuff. $4.50 per bag (cubic foot) or 5 bags for $21.00, or 10 bags for $41.00. Buckets, wagons, wheel barrels, the trunk of your car. Alternatively, feel free to bring your container. You bring it; the KNA will fill it. 2023 Deals apply to your container. The KNA does sell out, so pre-order to avoid disappointment! Visit for more information. Please email [email protected] to pre-order your compost.


Ward 1 Infrastructure Updates

The are multiple projects taking place across the Ward. We have tried to encapsulate the information on a new web page.

Included are projects in every neighbourhood, from park renewal to water chamber replacement. 

Ainslie Wood
Alexander Skate Park
Alexander Park Community Hub
Traffic Calming Control Construction
Kent St & Pearl St S 

Victoria Park Spray Pad & Sun Shelter
Jones St Resurfacing

Sterling Chamber Construction
Glen Rd Chamber Marion Ave Road Work
Churchill Park Phase 3


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Today, the City of Hamilton is home to many Indigenous people from across Turtle Island (North America), and we recognize that we must do more to learn about the rich history of this land so that we can better understand our roles as residents, neighbours, partners and caretakers.