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2023-06-06 Ward 1 Newsletter

  • HSR's (re)Designed Network Ward 1 Online Meeting
  • HAAA Renewal Update - Consolidating Phases
  • Victoria Park Spray Pad & Sun Shelter Update
  • Board of Health Governance Structure Survey
  • Lower City Encampment Protocol In-Person Consultation Evening
  • Litter in the City
  • Main Street Two-Way Conversion Study Public Comments Wanted
  • Hamilton's New Climate Changes Initiatives Office: Purpose & Priorities [Video]
  • Biodiversity Action Plan
  • Bike Registry (Updated link)
  • Events

HSR's (re)Designed Network Ward 1 Online Meeting

HSR's proposed new transit network marks a significant step forward for transit in Hamilton. Their goal was to redesign the network from the ground up to ensure it meets residents' current and future transit needs and to maximize the benefits of the future LRT. 

Resident feedback helped shape the design of the proposed network. As part of (Re)envision the HSR, the team interacted with over 13,000 survey respondents, community members and stakeholders.

To take the next step forward, learn more by visiting and joining other Ward 1 residents for an online presentation with Q&A on June 9. 

Date: June 8, 2023 Time: 7:30 PM. Register here

HAAA Renewal Update - Consolidating Phases

Just over a week ago, the HAAA project manager informed the councillor that changes in phasing would be required. She requested more details. A subsequent meeting took place this morning. The following paragraphs outline the rationale for the shift in phasing, which is expected to yield a superior outcome.

The City intended to build the Renewal Plan for the Hamilton Amateur Athletic Association (HAAA) Grounds in two phases. The first phase of construction, including the spray pad, playground, basketball court, seating areas, sun shelter, new pathways, park lighting and tree planting, was planned for 2022-2023. The second phase, including the field house renovation, sports field, running track, outdoor fitness equipment, new pathways, skate-dot, seating areas, park lighting, tree planting, memorial beds and irrigated garden beds, was planned for 2024-2025.

While working through the detailed design for Phase 1 of the HAAA Renewal Plan, it has become clear that it will be very difficult to proceed with a phased construction schedule as planned. Some of the significant obstacles that are making a phased approach difficult are:

  • An existing sewer main runs north-south through the middle of the park. This sewer is located underneath the area that would be improved as part of the first phase of construction; therefore, the servicing connections required as part of Phase 2 would require digging up parts of the newly installed park Phase 1 pathways.
  • Part of the renewal plan was to improve the drainage and grading of the park. With the proposed limits of the Phase 1 contract, we needed to ensure the Phase 2 works would be able to tie into the grades set in Phase 1. This posed an issue from a phasing perspective because the existing grades of the westerly portion of the park (phase 2) were creating conflicts with the proposed phase 1 works where they would meet. The existing track would be impacted the most because it would require grading changes on the westerly side, resulting in an undulating track surface.
  • In addition to the grading conflict noted above, the phase 1 works would require the removal of the westerly portion of the existing running track and the installation of a temporary westerly track connection as a result. This connection would require significant disruption within the existing track and field area.

Where possible, the City prefers not to phase the construction of projects because we aim to avert potential conflicts that are often unavoidable, prevent damaging and reconstructing works previously completed, reduce the period of disruption to the community and improve the overall delivery of projects. However, larger projects with significant costs sometimes need to be phased to allow for appropriate budgeting of costs to be spread out over multiple years as funding becomes available. The HAAA Renewal Plan project was originally funded with the intent to construct the site in two separate phases as funding became available. Funding for the second phase was planned for 2024, so the City can now deliver this project in a single phase in 2024 because the phase 1 construction has been delayed.

Building the HAAA Renewal Plan in a single phase has several benefits:

  • Cost-effective: A single construction contract costs less than a phased construction because there is only one Contractor mobilization charge, pricing will be more competitive for larger quantities of materials (economy of scale) and temporary measures (such as a temporary track connection) will not be required.
  • Timing: A single construction contract benefits the community because the park will be a construction zone (closed to the public) for a shorter period. Closing the park in 2024 aligns better with other planned construction in Ward 1; the HAAA park and spray pad will remain open this year while the Victoria Park amenities are closed.
  • Sustainable: A single construction contract opens up more opportunities for low-impact development solutions to manage stormwater from the park as a whole.
  • Better deliverable: By completing the works within a single-phased approach, the overall delivery of the project has a higher probability of success as any possibility of phasing conflicts is removed. The City can integrate the planned upgrades of the HAAA field house building simultaneously in lieu of separate contracts.

Victoria Park Spray Pad & Sun Shelter Update

Stage 4 archaeology work has wrapped up in Victoria Park, and they did find something. Reveal to come. The construction crew tasked with creating the new spray pad will mobilize next week. 

As mentioned previously, the spray pad will be out of commission this season. The next closest spray pads are located at the HAAA in Kirkendall and at Central Park off Bay St N. Note that the Central Park location will open in two weeks once a leak has been repaired.

Board of Health Governance Structure Survey

The City is asking you to complete a survey to provide feedback on the structure of the City of Hamilton's Board of Health, which governs Hamilton Public Health Services (HPHS). The results from this survey will be used to help develop options and recommendations for potential changes to the Board of Health's governance structure. These options and recommendations will be shared with the City of Hamilton's Governance Review Sub-Committee in Fall 2023.

This survey is being conducted by MASS LBP on behalf of HPHS. The responses you provide are anonymous. No information that could be used to identify you will be collected.

This survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

Lower City Encampment Protocol In-Person Consultation Evening

Save the date for an opportunity to listen and ask questions about the City's council-directed action to create an encampment protocol. 

Date: June 27, 2023 Time: 7:00 PM  Location: City Hall

We will share more details as they become available. 

Litter in the City

The City of Hamilton recognizes that various areas within the City have different requirements for litter pickup due to factors such as population density, events, wind tunnel conditions, and other reasons. The current service delivery standards do not take these specific conditions into account. Therefore Ward 1 Councillor Wilson and Ward 2 Councillor Kroetsch moved a motion on May 15, 2023, whereby a service level review be conducted across all divisions in the Public Works Department responsible for litter collection. This review should encompass parks, cemeteries, roadways, sidewalks, alleys, streams, and municipal properties. The staff is directed to report back to the Public Works Committee before the 2024 budget deliberations with any operational and budgetary changes that may be necessary to address the service levels regarding litter collection.

Main Street Two-Way Conversion Study Public Comments Wanted

On May 11, 2022, Council approved a motion focused on developing further safety enhancements on major arterial roads, including converting Main Street from a one-way to a two-way road.

Following this approval, staff have moved forward in developing an implementation plan for the two-way conversion of Main Street between King Street E (the "Delta" intersection) and Longwood Road S. The implementation plan will integrate a Complete Streets redesign that will enable safe use for all road users including public transit passengers, pedestrians, motorists and cyclists and will also incorporate a climate change lens by considering additions such as urban trees and permeable surfaces in the planning process.

On May 18, an online town hall took place, followed by two in-person meetings hosted by the councillors of Wards 1, 2, and 3. The May 18th recording of the online meeting, supporting documentation and the project team contact information is found here. Comments and questions are welcome before the final report goes to Council in August 2023.  

Hamilton's New Climate Changes Initiatives Office: Purpose & Priorities [Video]

in case you missed it, we recorded our Ward 1 conversation with the new Office of Climate Change Initiatives Director, Lynda Lukasik and Senior Project Manager, Trevor Imhoff. The two shared the purpose of the office and its priorities for 2023, including climate change governance and innovations, community climate outreach, carbon budgeting, and green buildings.

Biodiversity Action Plan

Everyone has a role to play to protect and enhance Hamilton's biodiversity! The City of Hamilton is seeking your feedback on the draft Biodiversity Action Plan and how the 2030 Global Biodiversity Framework targets could be included as local targets.

Join a virtual public meeting on June 8th at 6 PM or attend an in-person meeting (multiple dates and locations) and read the draft plan. Then share your ideas on the documents, complete a survey, and share a story about how Hamilton's biodiversity has impacted you!

Bike Registry (Updated link)

Around 600 bicycles are stolen annually from locations across Hamilton, and only 4% are recovered. Most recovered bikes are never reunited with their owners. Only 20% of bikes recovered by Hamilton Police are returned to their owner. HPS wants to change that statistic through their online bike registry. Register your bike with the serial number, make and model. Then, if your bicycle is stolen and HPS finds it, they can quickly return it to you.

HPS has also created stickers as a means of deterrence. You can pick up a sticker at local bike shops or any local police station. 

If your bike is stolen, file a police report to mark your bike as stolen. It will inform data that help police identify patterns.



  • Hamilton City of Music Summer Concert Series. Various Dates and Locations

    The Summer Concert Series features free outdoor concerts, each hosted in a new location. Every show features performances by two local bands with music ranging from country to indie-alternative to jazz.

  • Hamilton Arts Awards 2023. June 8, Doors open at 6:00 PM. Location: Art Gallery of Hamilton, 123 King St W, Hamilton

    The Arts Awards is a signature event of Hamilton Arts Week. Join us for an awards ceremony and dynamic celebration featuring art installations, exhibitions, live performances and refreshments at the Art Gallery of Hamilton. The Arts Awards is an excellent opportunity to meet and engage with the City's arts community and to recognize their contribution to Hamilton.

  • Empowerment Squared Presents a Conversation with Her Excellency Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. June 13, 4:00 PM, Location: Liuna Station, 360 James St N

    Former President of Liberia, Africa's first elected female head of state, Nobel Laureate, and a global inspiration who served as Chair of the Economic Community of West African States, Madam Sirleaf will speak on the power of education, the role of global partners in developing nations, and the importance of courage, resilience, and vision—Registration Required.

  • Open Streets Hamilton. June 18, 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Location King St E (John St to Gage Ave)

    On June 18, 3.6 km of King Street East will be closed to vehicle traffic and opened for residents to walk, cycle, and roll up and down the street. The street will be transformed into additional public space with physical activity stations and other activities. The City of Hamilton is currently working with Business Improvement Associations (BIAs) and other local businesses and organizations to make this event successful.

  • Hamilton's 2023 Seniors Kick-off - Information and Wellness Fair! June 20, 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM. Location: Sackville Seniors Recreation Centre, 780 Upper Wentwork. Registration required.

Ward 1 Infrastructure Updates

The are multiple projects taking place across the Ward. We have tried to encapsulate the information on a new web page.

Projects in every neighbourhood are included, from park renewal to water chamber replacement. 

Greener Ward 1

Let's do our part in Ward 1 to create healthy, biodiverse neighbourhoods for all living things! Check out Greener Ward 1!

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The City of Hamilton is situated upon the traditional territories of the Erie, Neutral, Huron-Wendat, Haudenosaunee and Mississaugas. This land is covered by the Dish With One Spoon Wampum Belt Covenant, which was an agreement between the Haudenosaunee and Anishinaabek to share and care for the resources around the Great Lakes. We further acknowledge that this land is covered by the Between the Lakes Purchase, 1792, between the Crown and the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation. 

Today, the City of Hamilton is home to many Indigenous people from across Turtle Island (North America), and we recognize that we must do more to learn about the rich history of this land so that we can better understand our roles as residents, neighbours, partners and caretakers.