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Ward 1 Infrastructure Projects Updates as of March 31, 2024

Projects in Ward 1

Ainslie Wood

  • Alexander Park Skate Park

Scope: Alexander Skate Park is a proposed +/-1,000m2 (10,764 Sq. Ft.) wheeled sports facility. The concrete facility will be integrated with the park’s existing amenities and will cater to various wheeled sports such as skateboarding, rollerblading, scooters and BMX bikes.

Project Manager: Ken Wheaton

Status: Project began April 1, 2024

Project website

  • Alexander Park Community Hub

Scope: The Alexander Park Clubhouse Renewal project aims to provide an accessible, multi-purpose space for community use and programming opportunities. The existing storage building at the park will be renewed and updated to serve the community's needs better.

Project Manager: Lu-Ann Duxbury

Status: Construction expected Summer 2024. Design

Project website

  • Cycling Master Plan I

    Scope: Continuing the projected bike lanes on Main St W from Wilson St in Ancaster to Ofield Rd. Bikeway from Ewen Rd (end of City's portion of the rail trail) along Ofield to meet the protected lanes on Main St WProject Manager: Danny Pimental

    Status: Work schedule to begin
  • Main & Whitney (HD17A) Water Pumping Station Municipal Class Environmental Assessment and Conceptual Design

Notice of Study Area Expansion and Public Information Centre (PIC) No. 2 

The City of Hamilton has initiated a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) study following the Schedule B process to develop and assess alternative solutions for a new Water Pumping Station (WPS) to replace the existing Main & Whitney (HD17A) WPS currently located at Main Street West & Whitney Avenue. 

This study will define the problems/opportunities associated with the existing HD17A WPS, assess alternative solutions, and determine the preferred location for a new WPS. A conceptual design will be completed identifying the main design aspects of the preferred alternative. Once the new pumping station is commissioned, the existing HD17A WPS will be decommissioned.

Project Manager: Udo Ehrenberg

Status: In study

Past meeting videos are hosted virtually on the City’s webpage at:


  • HAAA Park Renewal

The park's current features are reaching the end of their service life, and to ensure the community can continue to enjoy the HAAA Grounds, these ageing park features need to be replaced.

The Renewal Plan community consultation ran from February 2021 to the Spring of 2022 (Review past public information presentations and meeting videos)

The park's redevelopment will take place through two phases. Phase 1 will address everything west of the running track, and phase 2 will address the track, field and interior of the HAAA field house.

Project Manager: Sarah Eakins

Scope: The City intended to build the Renewal Plan for the Hamilton Amateur Athletic Association (HAAA) Grounds in two phases. The first phase of construction, including the spray pad, playground, basketball court, seating areas, sun shelter, new pathways, park lighting and tree planting, was planned for 2022-2023. The second phase, including the field house renovation, sports field, running track, outdoor fitness equipment, new pathways, skate-dot, seating areas, park lighting, tree planting, memorial beds and irrigated garden beds, was planned for 2024-2025.

While working through the detailed design for Phase 1 of the HAAA Renewal Plan, it has become clear that it will be very difficult to proceed with a phased construction schedule as planned. Some of the significant obstacles that are making a phased approach difficult are:

  • An existing sewer main runs north-south through the middle of the park. This sewer is located underneath the area that would be improved as part of the first phase of construction; therefore, the servicing connections required for Phase 2 would require digging up parts of the newly installed park Phase 1 pathway.
  • Part of the renewal plan was to improve the drainage and grading of the park. With the proposed limits of the Phase 1 contract, we needed to ensure the Phase 2 works would be able to tie into the grades set in Phase 1. This posed an issue from a phasing perspective because the existing grades of the westerly portion of the park (phase 2) were creating conflicts with the proposed phase 1 works where they would meet. The existing track would be impacted the most because it would require grading changes on the westerly side, resulting in an undulating track surface.
  • In addition to the grading conflict noted above, the phase 1 works would require removing the westerly portion of the existing running track and installing a temporary westerly track connection. This connection would require significant disruption within the existing track and field area.
    Where possible, the City prefers not to phase the construction of projects because we aim to avert potential conflicts that are often unavoidable, prevent damaging and reconstructing works previously completed, reduce the period of disruption to the community and improve the overall delivery of projects. However, larger projects with significant costs sometimes need to be phased to allow for appropriate budgeting of costs to be spread out over multiple years as funding becomes available. The HAAA Renewal Plan project was originally funded with the intent to construct the site in two separate phases as funding became available. Funding for the second phase was planned for 2024, so the City can now deliver this project in a single phase in 2024 because the phase 1 construction has been delayed.

Building the HAAA Renewal Plan in a single phase has several benefits:

  • Cost-effective: A single construction contract costs less than a phased construction because there is only one Contractor mobilization charge, pricing will be more competitive for larger quantities of materials (economy of scale) and temporary measures (such as a temporary track connection) will not be required.
  • Timing: A single construction contract benefits the community because the park will be a construction zone (closed to the public) for a shorter period. Closing the park in 2024 aligns better with other planned construction in Ward 1; the HAAA park and spray pad will remain open this year while the Victoria Park amenities are closed.
  • Sustainable: A single construction contract opens up more opportunities for low-impact development solutions to manage stormwater from the park as a whole.
  • Better deliverable: By completing the works within a single-phased approach, the overall delivery of the project has a higher probability of success as any possibility of phasing conflicts is removed. The City can integrate the planned upgrades of the HAAA field house building simultaneously in lieu of separate contracts.

The play structure and spray pad will be out of commission for part of the season. Alternative play structures are located at Jackson Park (439 Jackson S), Mapleside Park (13 Mapleside Ave) and Beulah Park (59 Beulah Ave).  Alternative spray pads: Durand Park (89 Charlton Ave W), Churchill Park (255 Glen Rd), Alexander Park (201 Whitney Ave)

Project website

Status: Park construction is expected in Spring 2024.

  • Canada Street Sidewalk Repairs

    Canada Street from Queen St S to the extreme west end should expect to see sidewalk repairs at selected location

    Project Manager: Robert Marques

    Status: Expected Spring/Summer 2024


  • Victoria Park Spray Pad and Sun Shelter

Scope: Replacement of the existing spray pad, construction of a new sun shelter, construction of a new plaza area with seating, and park lighting upgrades. The new spray pad is shaped like the shadow of the historical Crystal Palace, which once stood on the same ground. Note that these projects mark the completion of the Victoria Park Master Plan which began over a decade ago. 

Project Manager: Iain Miller

Status: Expected completion May 31 2024

Project website

  • Dundurn Park Play Structure Replacement

    Scope: New easy-access play structure, rubberized and accessible surfaces, accessible saucer swing, panels and musical elements

    Project Manager: Jim Collins

    Under construction. Expected completed May 24, 2024, pending weather conditions.

  • York Boulevard 2024 Construction

Scope: See overview from November 2022 Public Meeting

Status: Awaiting tender, expected date start date Spring 2024.


  • Churchill Park Phase 3

Scope: Phase 3 will address the field house washrooms, pathways, the Parkside north-end stairs, and an informal teaching area

Project Manager: Ken Wheaton

Status: In design - Phase 3 will commence in 2024. A previous community meeting took place in November 2024

Project website

  • Sterling St, Whitton Rd, Oakwood Place, and Cline Ave S (King to Sterling) Resurfacing

    Scope: Roadway resurfacing, sidewalk repairs, protected bike lanes, 

    Project Manager: TBD

    Status: Mobilization expected July 2024

  • Real-Time Control Glen Road Sewer Chamber Construction

Scope: The Glen Road Sewer Chamber is located underground in the middle of Glen Road and will undergo capital construction to improve control of combine sewer flows to the wastewater treatment plant. The scope of work includes full road closures on Glen Road between Macklin Street North and Tope Crescent to accommodate the excavation and replacement of an existing chamber.  

Why is the City doing this work?

Real-time controls help to manage wastewater flows and reduce combined sewer overflow events efficiently. With advanced computer software responding to sensors that measure factors such as flow, level, pressure and rainfall, real-time controls manipulate gates, weirs, chambers, and pump stations to get the most out of the wastewater system. These responses and adaptations occur immediately, resulting in an overall system that is more capable of managing wet weather flows, better prepared to defend its own systems from damage or overuse and better equip us to protect the water quality of Hamilton Harbour. We can monitor, control, and capture more combined sewer flows in real-time by upgrading flow regulator chambers as on Sterling Street. For more information on Real-Time Control, visit:

Project Manager: Hugh Leaven

Status: Construction continues Spring-Summer of 2023 and 2024

Project website



Ainslie Wood

  • Construction of New Traffic Control Infrastructure (Various Locations) - Completed 2023

Construction of New Bump-outs on Sanders Boulevard at Thorndale Cres and another at Binkley Road

Raised pedestrian crossovers at the Hamilton Rail Trail on the following roads in Ainslie Wood: Stroud Rd, Broadway Ave, Emerson St, Leland St, Rifle Range Rd

Ewen Rd - multi-use path on west side to provide a direct crossing.

  • Mapes Ave - Aylett St to Leland St: Resurfacing - Completed 2023

Roadway and sidewalk repairs 


  • Kent St & Pearl St S Resurfacing

Status: Construction completed in 2023. Included repair of concrete curbs and sidewalks (at various locations), milling the roadway and re-surfacing with hot mix asphalt on Kent and traffic calming mechanisms from Hunter St W to Amelia as part of the Bicycle Boulevard project still in pilot phase


  • Jones St Construction - Completed 2023

Watermain replacement, storm sewer installation, road & sidewalk reconstruction and associated works

  • Morden St - Full Reconstruction  - Completed 2023

Watermain replacement, storm sewer installation, road & sidewalk reconstruction and associated works


  • Real-Time Control Sterling St Sewer Chamber Construction & Road Closure - Completed 2023

  • Marion Ave North Reconstruction and Marion Ave S - Completed 2023

Watermain replacement, storm sewer installation, road & sidewalk reconstruction and associated works