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2021-02-26 Ward 1 Newsletter


  • Hamilton’s COVID-19 vaccination program expands to include workers and residents of Hamilton’s shelter system
  • H.A.A.A Park Renewal Plan
  • Victoria Park Future Enhancements
  • Beulah Park Play Structure Replacement
  • Complete Liveable Better Streets Design Manual
  • Reminder: Community Safety and Well-Being Survey Closes March 1st.
  • YWCA Hamilton – Reskilling Program
  • Waste Calendar & Trash Tags
  • 2021 Fire Hydrant Painting Program
  • St Joseph's Healthcare Recruiting Patient and Family Volunteer Advisors
  • Kirkendall Garden Club and the Giant Pumpkin Growing Contest
  • Events
    • Around the Kitchen Table: Discussing Climate Change with Others
    • CityLAB Project Showcase for Winter 2021

Hamilton’s COVID-19 vaccination program expands to include workers and residents of Hamilton’s shelter system.

In an effort to protect some of our most vulnerable in the community from COVID-19, starting February 27, the Hamilton Public Health Services’ mobile vaccine clinic will begin to offer COVID-19 vaccines to workers and residents in Hamilton’s shelter system.

The mobile clinic team is working collaboratively with the Shelter Health Network and shelter staff on the planning and implementation of pop-up mobile COVID-19 vaccination clinics for clients at all shelter sites from February 27 to March 2, 2021.

Arrangements for vaccinations will be made directly with the shelters. Registration for shelter workers opened on February 24th through the community healthcare worker portal at

We need to work together to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in our community, to reserve healthcare and hospital capacity and to protect vulnerable settings like long-term care homes.


  • Vaccination roll-out is based on the prioritization framework as determined by Provincial guidelines.
  • It is expected that vaccines will become available for more people in the winter and spring of 2021. It is expected that by the end of 2021, everyone who wants a vaccine will be offered a vaccine free of cost.
  • Working groups from across Hamilton’s health sector continue to work to ensure that COVID-19 vaccines are distributed effectively and equitably once they arrive locally. Teams are focused on implementing the provincial framework to ensure prioritization of key populations is met and that the logistics around local storage and distribution of vaccine supply are ready to be operationalized.
  • It is vital that members of the public, even those who have been vaccinated, ensure that public health measures still be practised until it is safe and said to be safe by the health professionals in all levels of government. Public health measures include:
    •  stay home if you are feeling unwell
    •  get tested for COVID-19 if you have symptoms or have been in close contact with a confirmed positive case of COVID-19
    •  limit gatherings to only members of your immediate household maintain a physical distance of at least 6 feet or 2 meters from others outside of your immediate household
    •  wear a mask or face covering indoors and outdoors when not able to maintain physical distancing
    •  wash hands frequently


H.A.A.A Park Renewal Plan 

The HAAA grounds phase 1 renewal survey closes on March 1, 2021.  If you have yet to respond to the first round of engagement for the park's renewal, please take a moment to join in before the survey closes.

This is the time to look at the park broadly.  In later project phases, we will consult with the community on specific amenities such as play structure and spray pad features, for example. When we reach this stage, the City will use it's new soon to launch "Play Your Way" engagement tool. For now, this is about big picture concepts. 

Not sure what is happening? Find out more by visiting or watch the video recording of the presentation from the February 4th online information session.  

Please take it to the next step and participate in the survey. 

Then enter your ideas for the park, upload photos, or pin your thoughts on the park's strengths, weaknesses, mobility, safety, or general observations on the map.  

To date, there are 58 shared ideas and 60 mapped pins, 

The Engage Hamilton site is a prime opportunity for the computer-savvy kids to enter their ideas too.  Maybe they are looking for a multi-sport court or a conversation area. Do they use the track or field?  We are happy to receive written ideas, emails, Twitter or Facebook tags or even a TikTok video; however, we may have to draw the line at Snapchat. 

Do your littlest ones have ideas?  Have them draw a picture of their favourite aspect of a park - any park. Is it the slide, the quiet space under the deck, or chatting with friends under a tree? Maybe it is zipping around on a scooter or throwing a frisbee on the field.  We have designed a colouring page for kids to illustrate their ideal park.   Parents can take a photo of the page and upload it to the website or email it to [email protected].  See HAAA Kids Ideas

Victoria Park Future Enhancements

On February 18, Councillor Wilson hosted City staff in an online session to share information about upcoming improvements to Victoria Park. If you could not make it that night, never fear. We recorded the session. Video

Staff from Landscape Architectural Services outlined plans for a new spray pad and sun shelter.  The existing spray pad in the park is nearing the end of its life cycle and needs replacing. Since this park currently lacks a sun shelter, a new structure will also be included in this rejuvenation work. The sun shelter addition forms part of the continued Victoria Park Master Plan implementation.

To find out more about the spray pad, go to Take the *survey* and have your kids pick the type of water features they like. 

The Parks staff introduced the plan for additional accessibility features. Look for a survey in the spring to pick out the types of play features the community would like to see added.

The recreation staff gave us an overview of plans for a new outdoor pool. While these plans are in their infancy, recreation and facility staff wanted to give a complete picture of what Strathcona will see in Victoria Park future.

Beulah Park Play Structure Replacement

Surprise! The existing playground at this park was originally installed in the 1990s and has now reached its end-of-life. As part of the City’s dedication to maintaining safe and functional play structures, this playground will be replaced in 2022, within the existing playground footprint.

Playgrounds are one of the most beloved and enjoyed aspects of a park for many community members. They provide a safe learning environment for children of all ages to develop physical, social, cognitive, and emotional skills and are a wonderful way to encourage outdoor playtime. Accessible outdoor play spaces provide an inclusive environment and allow for barrier-free development of friendships, creativity, and most importantly, having fun!

Every year, the City of Hamilton identifies a select number of parks that have reached their end-of-life and require replacement, and Beulah Park's number was up.

Beginning March 1st, the City will open "Play Your Way”, an online engagement series aimed at collecting community feedback for play structure upgrades at various parks across Hamilton. Beulah Park will be the pilot project.  Be sure to have your kids check it out!

Complete Liveable Better Streets Design Manual

The City of Hamilton is developing a Complete, Livable, Better (CLB) Streets Design Manual. This manual will provide a set of consistent guidelines and tools to inform the design, implementation, maintenance and monitoring of CLB Streets across the city. The purpose of this manual is to:

  • Encourage designs that better balance considerations for the different transportation modes that share streets;
  • Focus on enhancing road safety, and;
  • Design streets to address the transportation requirements and placemaking functions of surrounding areas.

The manual is being developed in two phases in 2020 and 2021, and stakeholders are invited to provide their input to help inform the project.

For more information and to design your own street go to 

Reminder: Community Safety and Well-Being Survey Closes March 1st.

A community safety and well-being plan is being created for Hamilton. This plan is being developed through cross-sector collaboration and will focus on action within the priority areas of hate incidents, violence, mental health and stigma, substance use, housing and homelessness and access to income.

During this phase of planning and engagement, residents and community members are invited to review the project information online and to post feedback until March 1, 2021

If there are any questions about the plan or alternative engagement opportunities, please contact Jenn Hohol at 905-546-2424 x7857 or [email protected]

YWCA Hamilton – Reskilling Program

The YWCA is currently recruiting participants who are interested in reskilling in Data Science. The program will fund and support participants through:

  • Completing a Data Science Certificate through the University of Guelph
  • Professional soft skill development through Brescia University College
  • Finding better job opportunities and upgrading job application skills

Training will begin on March 15, 2021, and will be provided on a part-time basis through online remote learning. It is anticipated that the certification training could be completed in approximately 6 months.

For more details, visit the YWCA's reskilling program page or contact Elizabeth Clayton at [email protected] with any questions or register here to begin their onboarding.

Waste Calendar & Trash Tags

The 2021/2022 Recycling and Waste Calendar along with 12 bright green trash tags will be mailed out to residents beginning March 2, 2021, continuing over a two week period. 

The calendar is similar to the material distributed last year in that it is a multi-page, informative calendar. Pink trash tags expire March 26, 2021. Residents will begin using their green tags on March 29, 2021.

Important reminders for residents

  • Effective December 6, 2021, leaf and yard waste will no longer be collected during December, January and February each year. Residents can continue to take yard waste to a Community Recycling Centre all year round. FYI this program change was approved by Council in November 2019.
  • As part of the approved Single-Use Plastic strategy, residents are encouraged to choose reusable containers as an alternative to single-use plastics

If you do not receive your new tags by the end of March call 905-546-2489 and City staff will make arrangements to send your tags to your home.

2021 Fire Hydrant Painting Program

Hamilton Water is responsible for more than 13,600 fire hydrants throughout Hamilton. In March 2021, Hamilton Water will be starting the annual fire hydrant painting and inspection program around the City. In 2021, Hamilton Water will be painting fire hydrants in Wards 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. The fire hydrant painting process takes 3 steps. Below is a representation of how the fire hydrants will look while in the priming stage. Over the last couple of years, Hamilton Water received a few phone calls from concerned citizens regarding the primed hydrant's appearance. Be assured the ghost hydrants are awaiting are primed for their refresh and colour reflective tags.

St Joseph's Healthcare Recruiting Patient and Family Volunteer Advisors

St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton is hoping to recruit up to 15 volunteer Patient and Family Advisors in early 2020.

Patient and Family Advisors are volunteers who provide patients and families' perspective at St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton. They partner with staff and physicians to improve the quality of our hospital's care for all patients and their family members. 

To learn more about Patient and Family Advisors and where they have made positive impacts at St. Joe’s, visit their website

To apply for this volunteer position, send an email to [email protected] or call 905.522.1155 ext. 33148

Kirkendall Garden Club and the Giant Pumpkin Growing Contest

The Kirkendall Garden Club will be holding a neighbourhood/area giant pumpkin growing contest - check out their Facebook page or website for registration information and details.



Around the Kitchen Table: Discussing Climate Change with Others | March 9, 2021, | 6:30-8:00 PM |Free Online Event, Registration required | Live closed captioning and ASL interpretation will be provided

The Bay Area Climate Forum is the #1 annual event focused on climate action in the Hamilton-Burlington Bay Area. The theme of this year's event is "Around the Kitchen Table: Discussing Climate Change with others." Hear updates on progress to our region’s climate goals and join the discussion on having better climate conversations.

Our keynote Katharine Hayhoe is an award-winning climate scientist, viral TED Talk host and host of the PBS Digital Series Global Weirding. Katharine will be speaking about overcoming the barriers to public acceptance of climate impacts and solutions.

CityLAB Project Showcase for Winter 2021| April 9, 2021 | 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM |(Online) Registration required

This virtual community-wide event will feature students from McMaster University, Mohawk College, and Redeemer University as they showcase the projects they have worked on this semester in collaboration with staff members at The City of Hamilton. From city-wide projects aimed at improving responses to COVID-19 challenges and making City services more accessible to bridging the digital divide in the Beasley neighbourhood, CityLAB projects are driving innovative change right here in Hamilton.  Learn more about the projects

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Today, the City of Hamilton is home to many Indigenous people from across Turtle Island (North America), and we recognise that we must do more to learn about the rich history of this land so that we can better understand our roles as residents, neighbours, partners and caretakers.