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Queen Street South Conversion moved to the Spring 2020

 The conversion, tentatively scheduled for completion in fall 2019, is planned for early Spring 2020. City staff re-evaluated the timeline for the following reasons:


  1. Extending the two-way conversion further north to King Street as directed by Council would be beneficial to be included in this phase of the project. Coordination will be required with the development project on King Street regarding implementation;
  2. Staff and ward councillors feel it is important to further engage with the cycling community before finalizing the design of the protected bike lane through the Queen Street / Herkimer Street intersection and to determine appropriate cycling detour routes during the construction period;
  3. One of the design changes includes significant complex construction to the intersection of Queen Street South and Herkimer Street. This intersection will require a full and/or partial closure of the roadway to implement. Further planning is required to ensure pedestrians, cyclists, transit and motorists are accommodated safely during these closures;
  4. Tendering the project in late 2019 should allow for more favourable pricing;
  5. There would be less impact on the HSR transit routes that are currently detoured from Locke Street;
  6. Better traffic detour routes will be available in 2020, once other ongoing construction projects in the area are complete (i.e. Locke Street Reconstruction);
  7. The implementation of pavement markings is not preferred late in the season as they would be subject to potential weather delays and prolonged roadway closures;                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

The opportunity to do this project right the first time is the goal. Frustrating as it may be to wait until the spring, the delay will result in a better outcome. 



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