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Studholme Rd: Retaining Wall Replacement starting May 16, 2022

The City of Hamilton has a contract with Neptune Security Services Inc. to complete works as called for under Contract C15-64-21 (H). Construction is scheduled to commence on Monday, May 16, 2022, and be substantially completed in approximately 4 weeks, weather permitting.

The work involves the replacement of the existing retaining wall located on the East side of Studholme, approx. 100 m South of Aberdeen Avenue and associated works. During this time, you may experience some inconveniences such as noise, dust, and restricted traffic movement. Every effort will be made to do the work in a timely manner and to keep any inconvenience to a minimum. We ask for your patience during this period.

For the duration of the project, the City of Hamilton on-site inspector will be made available to explain the sequence of work and answer any construction-related questions. Call 905-546-4313 to be redirected to the on-site staff.