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Waterfront Trail Temporary Closure February 18 to March 23, 2020

Waterfront Trail Temporary Closure (Princess Point to the Fish Way) February 18 to March 23, 2020

The pathway will be raised to be 15cm above the current 100-year storm high water levels to keep the trail dry during high water levels.  The work generally includes the addition of armour stone, a gravel base, and new asphalt as well as modifications to the fencing and light posts to match the new grades. 

The trail will remain open from Bayfront Park to the floating bridge in the Desjardins Canal along with access to the stairs to York Blvd. (High-level bridge).  Signage will be apparent at the Bayfront trail start, and the top of the stairs on York Blvd informing trail users that there is no access to Princess point.   Additional signage at Princess Point.

All work has been reviewed and approved by the RBG, MTO and HCA, and is being coordinated. The Parks Department will implement the work,