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Road work in Westdale north of Sterling St scheduled for Spring 2020

The resurfacing of North Oval, Cline Ave N, Dalewood Cres and Oak Knoll Dr is expected to begin in mid-Spring.

The full reconstruction of Haddon Ave N will also take place during the construction period and will include watermain, sidewalks and road construction 

Elements from the Westdale Neighbourhood Traffic Management Review will be incorporated where feasible.  

Sterling Ave, Whitton Rd, Oakwood Pl and Marion Ave (North and South) are scheduled for work in 2022. - Please note these streets were initially planned for resurfacing in 2020. However, further investigations indicated that Marion Ave N required watermain work as well as some sub-chamber work on Sterling.  The capital budget for that work has been identified for the 2022 budget.

More details to follow as they become available.