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2020-04-06 Ward 1 Newsletter

  • Access to green space during COVID-19 emergency
  • City of Hamilton COVID-19 Resources
  • Weekly Virtual Townhalls
  • Kirkendall & Strathcona - Development
    • 235 Main Street West
    • 354 King Street West 

Dear Friends & Neighbours.

I hope this note finds you safe and well. I have received numerous emails asking for clarity on where we can legally walk and play. COVID-19 is causing all levels of government to issue new information and directives daily. I realise it can be overwhelming. The situation is serious. Now is the time where we all must listen to our public health officials and follow their advice. Lives depend on it.

I also realise that this pandemic has laid bare conditions that, in my opinion, are not acceptable. The fact is that the weight of this pandemic will not be felt evenly because our community, like most other communities, has become too uneven. We have neighbours without access to clean water to wash their hands. We have neighbours who are without shelter other than sleeping under a highway overpass. We have children who are going to bed hungry because they now don't have access to their school meal plan.

I know that the closure of our urban green space and trail system will impact those of us living in the heart of the city. I know that it's hard to understand why our public golf courses are closed for walking or alternative uses, especially because they allow for extensive panoramic views - perfect for practising physical distancing. And, I know that our sidewalks are narrow while most of our streets are wide. I share this view, but for now, I am prepared to defer to the city's Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) and expertise of the public health directives.

We have small business owners who are wondering whether they will ever recover after this is all over. They make our neighbourhoods more complete.

There will be many operational discussions needed to be had in the weeks and months ahead. We need to debate all of these conditions. We have to make a collective decision about how we want to rebuild and whether more of the same is acceptable. This pandemic has reaffirmed our shared destiny. And, it will take our combined efforts to direct us in a different, more sustainable and healthier direction.

But right now and for now, I'm going just to try and bring a little bit of clarity to questions about access to space. Please note, this list could change in the days and weeks ahead as the situation evolves. I will update the list accordingly.  Read FAQ - Where Can I Go?

City of Hamilton COVID-19 Resources

Weekly Virtual Townhalls

Live Stream:

Submit Questions:

Kirkendall & Strathcona - Development

235 Main Street West Community Open House (Webinar) | ONLINE ONLY

The agent for the developer of the above property is hosing online Community Open House to learn about the revised development vision proposed for 235 Main Street West, which now includes 74 Queen Street South and 244-246 Jackson Street West.

Given restrictions related to public gatherings at this time, we are hosting this session by way of an online WEBINAR to provide information and receive input related to the revised development vision for the site. Below are the details for the Webinar.

DATE: Tuesday, April 7, 2020 - 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

FORMAT: a project team presentation of the revised development vision starting promptly at 6 p.m. followed by online questions and answers.

To register email: [email protected]

Strathcona Development

354 King Street West (UHOPA-20-003/ZAC-20-008)

GSP Group provided the following information. It is included in this newsletter for the benefit of anyone wishing to learn more about the project and/or provide comments to the developer and its agent.

Online Public Consultation

In light of COVID-19 and the expected social distancing measures that will likely be in place for the coming months, GSP Group, the agent for the developer, has loaded a PowerPoint presentation to its website, along with additional information regarding the proposed changes to the current development.

All interested community members may view the PowerPoint presentation and complete the comment/question sheet. This PowerPoint summarises what has already been approved on the site and the requested changes.

The studies mentioned in the PowerPoint can be viewed in full here

If you know of anyone interested in participating but may not have access to a computer or require accommodations, please direct them to the GSP office.

Contact them via phone or email ([email protected] and 905-572-7477 ext.2) and GSP will work with them to ensure they obtain a copy in a suitable format (i.e. audio recording, mailed hard copy).

GSP asks that all comments/questions be sent to [email protected] by Thursday, April 30. GSP will reply with a confirmation email, confirming receipt that the email has been received.

GSP will record and summarise all comments/questions received. It will not be responding to every email/question directly, but we will prepare a response document with answers and responses to the recurring questions along with how it plans to address the common concerns. GSP will post the response document on the project website after they have had a chance to consider the concerns and questions and review with the owner and the remaining consultants.

If you are submitting comments/questions on behalf of a group or another person, please indicate the names/addresses (or general intersection) of the people you are representing.

Go to 

Anyone wishing to submit their comments to the  City of Hamilton may do so by emailing Senior Planner Andrea Dear ([email protected]). Please add (UHOPA-20-003/ZAC-20-008) in the subject line.  Comments and questions will become part of the official record. 


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