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2020-05-31 Ward 1 Newsletter

  • "An Act of Civic Vandalism": Sobi and spiteful politics
  • Queen St S 2-way conversion project online information session June 5 at 8 PM
  • Ward 1 capital projects 
  • Online event: Strong Towns conversation and Q&A
  • City launches “Hamilton Reopens: A Roadmap to our New Reality” COVID-19 Recovery Plan
  • Events
  • Garbage, recycling and yard waste reminders
  • West Nile Virus control
  • City of Hamilton COVID-19 related updates and resources

"An Act of Civic Vandalism": Sobi and spiteful politics

This week's vote by Hamilton City Council to shut down Sobi bike share was nothing short of an act of civic vandalism. It was a destructive, senseless act fuelled by the kind of spiteful politics we can't seem to shed. A small politics that has held us back, weakened our City financially, and that has compounded the challenges for our most vulnerable citizens.

One of the most basic tasks of an elected government is to take care of the residents it serves, especially its most vulnerable residents & even more so during a pandemic. This week, Hamilton City Council failed in its service to all.

Read Maureen's full piece on her website.

Queen St S 2-Way Conversion Project Online Information Session June 5 at PM

In anticipation of the June 8 conversion construction start, Maureen is hosting an online information session on June 5, 2020, at 8 PM

Public Works staff will present the project details and timelines. Q&A to follow.  

Review the project detail at  Feel free to submit questions in advance (if you prefer) to [email protected]

Registration is required via Zoom

See the project chronology and other information 

Ward 1 Capital Projects 

City Staff evaluated 2020 construction projects and determined that following may continue  

Westdale South

The resurfacing of North Oval, Cline Ave N, Dalewood Cres and Oak Knoll Dr is expected to begin in late Spring.

The full reconstruction of Haddon Ave N will also take place during the construction period and will include watermain, sidewalks and road construction.

See Westdale "Shave & Pave" post from February 2020 for more detail.

Ainslie Wood

There is a new play structure coming to Alexander Park. The renderings are forthcoming, and the date of installation is to be confirmed. 

Ward 1 Virtual Cafe Book Club Edition

June 9, 2020; 8:00 PM;  Via Zoom - Registration in advance required

Strong Towns: A Bottom-Up Revolution to Build American Prosperity is a book of forward-thinking ideas that breaks with modern wisdom to present a new vision of urban development in the United States. Presenting the foundational concepts of the Strong Towns movement he co-founded, Charles Marohn explains why cities of all sizes continue to struggle to meet their basic needs. He reveals the new paradigm that can solve this longstanding problem.

Read the book, then join Maureen in conversation with the author Charles Marohn. After Maureen and Charles' discussion, you will have an opportunity to ask Charles your questions. Charles Marohn is the Founder and President of Strong Towns. He is a professional engineer and land use planner with two decades of experience. He holds a bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering and a Master of Urban and Regional Planning, both from the University of Minnesota. Marohn is also the lead author of Thoughts on Building Strong Towns — Volume 1, Volume 2 and Volume 3 — as well as the author of A World Class Transportation System. He hosts the Strong Towns Podcast and is a primary writer for Strong Towns' web content. He has presented Strong Towns concepts in hundreds of cities and towns across North America. He is featured in the documentary film Owned: A Tale of Two Americans and was named one of the 10 Most Influential Urbanists of all time by Planetizen.

The Hamilton Public Library has several e-copies of the book and an audio copy. If you're able, may we encourage you to support your local independent booksellers by ordering a copy through King West Books (Westdale) or Epic Books (Kirkendall)?

City launches "Hamilton Reopens: A Roadmap to our New Reality" COVID-19 Recovery Plan

Hamilton Reopens outlines the City's plan for a gradual, safe and measured reopening of municipal facilities and restart of City services and programs.

The Hamilton Reopens plan serves as a roadmap to our new reality – one where COVID-19 is present in our community. It outlines the steps the City will take to keep residents and employees safe and provides a plan for the safe reopening of facilities and the restart of services and programs.

Quick Facts about Hamilton Reopens

  • Hamilton Reopens has three overarching phases, each generally aligning with the Province of Ontario's Reopening Framework.
  • The City will take guidance from the Province of Ontario as we move between phases. However, reopening in Hamilton will depend on the pandemic situation within our City, and may not align precisely with the Province's phases.
  • Advice from the provincial Chief Medical Officer of Health, our local Medical Officer of Health and other public health officials will help determine the speed at which we proceed through the phases of reopening and will help to determine if health and safety measures need to be adjusted at any time.
  • No dates are referenced for any of the phases.
  • Hamilton Reopens will be updated regularly and will likely change as the COVID-19 emergency evolves, and as the Province of Ontario updates its Emergency Orders and makes announcements for reopening businesses, schools, child care and more.

Read the entire plan on the City's Hamilton Reopens site.


  • 2020 City of Hamilton Arts Awards Event Moves Online June 11-20, 2020Five pre-recorded videos will be screened featuring award presentations, expanded nominee profiles, interviews with award recipients and messages from Mayor Eisenberger and City Councillors. Two feature performances by celebrated Hamilton artists that explore the theme of "Resilience" will bookend the video series. The videos will be screened on Facebook and available on the Arts Awards webpage Feature performers and additional details will be announced in the coming weeks.

Garbage, Recycling and Yard Waste Reminders

Yard and Garden Waste

A gentle reminder that regular weekly yard waste collection has resumed. Please put yard waste curbside by 7 AM on your regular collection day.

Keeping Collectors Healthy

While crews have their health and safety procedures in place, residents are asked to help protect them on the job:

  • Place used tissues and napkins in the garbage, rather than the green bin.
  • Where possible, Please use liner bags (either paper or certified compostable plastic) in the green bin.
  • Please ensure that all material placed in garbage bins is bagged, not kept loose.
  • Please follow the advice of Public Health and keep a physical distance of at least two metres from waste collection staff.

These steps will help protect the health of crews who handle thousands of bins, bags and boxes each week.

Get the App: Recycling Coach

Not sure what goes where and when - get the Recycle Coach App. RC will help with you divert waste appropriately, and let you know when to do it. Available for all devices. Check it out

Notice of application of larvicides to City of Hamilton for West Nile Virus control

The City of Hamilton, Public Health Services is conducting ongoing monitoring of mosquito larvae (immature mosquitoes) in standing surface water within the City of Hamilton boundaries on City land. When such monitoring indicates that there is a need for mosquito control, application of larvicide may be required to prevent larval development into vectors of West Nile Virus. Application of larvicide may commence as early as June 1, 2020, and end as late as October 31, 2020.

The larvicides VectoBac 200G (granular, PCP#18158), VectoBac 1200L (liquid, PCP#21062) and VectoLex CG (granular, PCP#28008) will be applied to identified standing surface water located on public property.

The larvicides Altosid Pellets (pellet, PCP#21809), Mosquiron 0.12 CRD (PCP#31079, ingot) and VectoLex WSP (pouch, PCP#28009) will be placed into catch basins or storm drains on city streets and on selected publicly owned properties within the City of Hamilton.

The application of these products will be carried out under permit from the Ontario Ministry of Environment Conservation and Parks. All control products will be applied by licensed applicators or trained technicians of Pestalto Environmental Health Services Inc. under contract with the City of Hamilton.

Additional Resources
For further information please contact: 905-546-2424, ext. 7530 or visit

COVID-19 City of Hamilton Resources

City of Hamilton COVID-19 Media Updates

Tuesday & Friday virtual media updates on Tuesdays and Fridays at 3:30 PM

  • May 22  -"Hamilton Reopens" List of public amenities reopening week as of May 22: skate parks, tennis courts, pickleball courts, golf course, regular yard waste collection, property tax assistance program update.  City waterfalls remain closed.
  • May 25 - Public Health officials recommend wearing face coverings, Community heat response, Outdoor recreational amenities
  • May 27 - City launches "Hamilton Reopens: A Roadmap to our New Reality" COVID-19 Recovery Plan
  • May 29 - New schedule for media briefing events, decorative fountains

Financial Support & Recovery



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