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Locke Street South Reconstruction Information

Map of of Section of Locke St

Ocotober 7, 2019 update to Locke Street status - ALL MOST THERE!


October 7, 2019

Curbs from Melbourne to Chatham installed
Pouring concrete road base from Melbourne to Chatham
Sidewalk work resuming Tuesday (Oct 8) beginning on the west side
Businesses still open during sidewalk work.
Staff on hand to help

Locke from Main to Charlton expected to reopen by October 31
Charlton Ave W expected to reopen to regular westbound operation by October 31
- caveat - weather dependent.

Some detail work will continue until the close of the November 30 construction project but this will not impede access to sidewalks or road.

Small surprise.
Trees were to be planted in the Spring, but the staff were able to plant the trees in the north section and added the decorative work around the base. of Locke last week. Take a look! The remaining trees will be added in the Spring.

September 19, 2019

Main to Bold complete with the final layer of asphalt and line painting by Friday, Sept 20
Will open to the public Monday night (Sept 23)
The temporary two-way signage on Jackson, Canada, Hunter and Bold street will be removed following the reopening of Locke to just south of Bold
Parking meters will be installed on the open portion

All underground work will be completed as of Monday, Sep. 23.

Next steps
road preparation from Melbourne to Chatham, followed by curbs, sidewalk, road,
These steps will then follow for the next block to Charlton.
Charlton Ave W is expected to reopen to westbound travelling by Halloween.


September 5, 2019

Water connection at Melbourne complete, Upcoming Water service to buildings from Melbourne to Chatham (east and west side) Road preparation from Melbourne to Chatham Asphalt paving of Hunter to Melbourne

August 30, 2019

A crossing guard will be placed at Locke and Stanley Ave during the remainder of Locke Street construction. Crossing guards will continue to be present at Aberdeen, Herkimer, and Charlton as well.

The crossing guard at Charlton will work in concert with a construction flag person to guide students across the unpaved portion of Locke St.

A School Safety officer will be present at Tuckett and Locke, encouraging students to cross at Charlton Ave W.

Crossing Guard Locations – Crossing guards will be stationed at:

  • Locke and Aberdeen (no change)
  • Locke and Stanley (new)
  • Locke and Herkimer (no change)
  • Locke and Charlton (no change)

August 9, 2019 

Locke - Main to Canada OPEN!!
Canada and Jackson still two-way Locke to Pearl & Locke to Poulette - that will change back to the original one-way over the next two weeks

Roadway south of Canada remains closed but sidewalks open

Hunter to Melbourne
Curbs are in
Next three weeks - concrete road base work, sidewalk east and west side

Watermain from Hunter to Herkimer complete - testing in process 
When a watermain is tested no other related work takes place until the results are in. This is why you may not see crews in a particular area.
installation of catch basins

July 26, 2019

Main to the bridge

North section of Locke opening after the long weekend

Hunter to Melbourne -

Week of July 29 Curbs going in
Week of August 5 Road base to follow - pedestrian will use road base as a sidewalk with bridges into businesses while the sidewalk is down Melbourne to Charlton Watermain making its way into the complex Charlton crossing (north/south main meets east/west)

Herkimer St 3 of 4 corners complete

Look for P1 signs to find parking behind the Melbourne to Hunter section of Locke and P2 to the lot at Blessing to access Locke from the south end

July 10, 2019

Changes to Locke St S closure

Melbourne to Herkimer
Beginning July 15, Locke St will be closed from Hunter to the north side of Herkimer St. - Notices are being distributed today and tomorrow This is expected to reduce the total road closure time by a few weeks.
Major work at the corner of Charlton and Locke - this intersection will be closed as well Chatham and Charlton will be converted to two way, with "no through street access" posted".

Main to Hunter
Sidewalks complete Road almost ready to open to all including street parking on Locke,

Charlton Bicycle Lane
The Charlton bike lanes will be closed or restricted from west of Kent St. An alternative route will be marked leading cyclists south on Kent St to Stanley Ave, proceeding west on Stanley to Dundurn St S.

Bike Lane Detour 

July 7, 2019

Main to Canada
Sidewalks with urban brail complete, tree pits and water service ready, curbs are in process, decorative concrete work starting, road base to be complete in about two weeks, access return Jackson and Canada streets to regular directions, increased parking on Locke St

Hunter to Melbourne
Starting July 5 reconnect regular water service with final connections, there will be some sidewalk disruptions as a result, digging pits to line the laterals, where possible this will be done from the inside of a building, but that is not possible with each building

Melbourne to Chatham
Locke from Melbourne to Chatham closing approximately July 15th, Chatham will be converted to two-way with signal light at Dundurn St S, testing large diameter main in this section

Corners at Herkimer to be done before school starts

Q&A Councillor Wilson and Sr. Project Manager

  • How will trees be incorporated into the design?
  • What is urban brail?
  • What are bump outs?

June 11, 2019

Locke Street South will be closed from Main to Melbourne as of June 3. Businesses remain open with alternative parking routes marked P1 & P2. Locke St remains open southbound from Melbourne to Aberdeen.

The watermains, catch basins, and laterals have been completed between Main and Canada Streets.  Beginning June 3rd crews will reconstruct the sidewalks and street in that section. Access to Jackson St and Canada St will be via local access only at Poulette, Ray and Pearl.

Crews have replaced the large watermain between Hunter and Melbourne. They are moving the residents and business on to a watermain by-pass before removing the old smaller watermain, and constructing the new 200 mm watermain. 

May 27, 2019

May 14, 2019

May 2, 2019



P1 - Behind Starbucks


P2 - Blessings Church